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Faith Formation: Reformation, All Saints, & Día de los Muertos

Resources including: Children & Family Curricula & Storytime; Confirmation/Affirmation of Baptism; Denominational Resources; Tween & Teen Mental and Spiritual Health; Sexuality & Identity; and Online/At-Home Tech

For Children

Celebrating All Saints and All Souls with Pixar by ; we can now add Soul to the list of excellent movies to share and explore.

Reformation Day Coloring Page and Poster     All Saints' Day Children's Resources     all saints day with kids 1

Illustrated Ministry's Reformation Day Coloring Page & Poster are available here.

Their All Saints Day Children's Bundle includes:

  • Illustrated Children’s Moment: Looking for a children’s sermon on All Saints' Day? Great. We’ve got you covered. Our Leader Guide will help you craft a children’s sermon/moment that connects with kids where they are.
  • Full-color Children’s Moment illustration: This illustration will come as a PDF and as a PNG image file.
  • Black-and-white Children’s Moment coloring page: A fun and creative coloring page for All Saints' Day.
  • Children’s Worship Bulletin: Similar in format to our other worship bulletins, this will include a variety of fun and creative activities for children to complete during the service.
  • Sunday School Session: This Sunday School Session is a no-prep single session centered on learning about All Saints' Day. The session guide includes a gathering activity with two options for younger and older children, a scripture reflection, questions for reflection, a coloring page, an activity, and a closing prayer.

And check out their free post: 3 Wondrous Ways to Celebrate All Saints’ Day with Kids

A Costume for Charly     Halloween in the Orchard     Holy Troublemakers and Unconventional Saints: Daneen Akers: 9781734089509: Books     Meet the Saints     2017 Halloween book list.jpg     9780152057350-0152057358-We Are One: Book and Musical CD

Reformation Liturgical Elements


God on the Move: A Worship Series on Technology and Innovation

This series includes 3 original liturgies, title graphics, planning guide with hymn suggestions, promotional blurbs, and sermon starters.

Pairs well with God on the Move: Faith and Democracy, which includes 3 original liturgies, title graphics, planning guide with hymn suggestions, promotional blurbs, and sermon starters.

The Presbyterian Historical Society: The National Archives of the PC(USA) offer historical background and other resources for Reformation Sunday observations.

Recording of O Day Full of Grace with organ, orchestra, and four-part chorus.

Books/Studies - Adults

Rebels, Despots, and Saints: The Ancestors Who Free Us and The Ancestors We Need to Free     Saints of Feather and Fang: How the Animals We Love and Fear Connect Us to God

Several lit tealight candles on candle holdersTeaching Touchstones for All Saints Adult Formation

The Feast of All Saints on November 1 is a day to celebrate God’s presence in and with the body of Christ, past, present, and future. Finding our way into this feast can be a challenge, though, especially if a lot of high expectations surround Christians’ definitions of “saints.”

All Saints - Youth

All Saints' Day Youth ResourceIllustrated Ministry shares a free downloadable All Saints Day Youth Resource that includes:

  • An All Saints’ Day introduction
  • Insights into historical and modern-day saints
  • The significance of ancestors
  • Reflection on grief, loss, and All Saints’ Day
  • A guided spiritual meditation
  • A take-home page for families

All Saints Liturgical Elements

While our liturgical calendar is ordered by sacred seasons, it is also sprinkled with special days—days set apart for celebration, honor, awe, unity, and justice. That’s why A Sanctified Art has crafted their Special Sundays collection with liturgy, art, and poetry for:

These worship resources are intended to be meaningful, low-prep materials to add creativity and depth to each service.

Close-up of communion of saints icon showing circular rows of people seated side-by-sidePrayers and a Blessing for All Saints’ Day

By BuildFaith Editors / Oct 10, 2023

An black and white photo illustration of rows of lit candles with the words "Songs of Remembrance" across the bottom.

Luke Medina/NPR/March 4, 2022

What songs meant the most to your loved ones and friends lost to COVID-19?

NPR curated a list.

Illustrated Worship planning guide for World Communion Sunday

The Illustrated Worship Planning Guide will walk church staff (or worship committee, church council, pastor, etc.) through the process of creating relevant liturgy for your specific community in special liturgical times. It provides a liturgical framework for special Sundays with prompts toward reflective discussion, prompts for creating a multi-sensory experience of liturgy, and examples of litanies for the different parts of the liturgy (Passing of the Peace, Prayer of Confession and Assurance of Pardon, Prayers of the People, Invitation and Welcome to the Table, and Charge & Benediction).


Digital download; 6 pages. An all-age service about what makes a saint and where they are to be found – mainly in the world all around us. Incorporates the story of the five loaves and two fishes.

Digital download: A liturgy for those from whom we are separated, taken from the book Praying for the Dawn by Ruth Burgess and Kathy Galloway.

Digital download; 11 pages. Resources for All Hallows’ Eve include:

  • a short two-act play
  • a service for Samhain
  • three poems and a meditation, taken from the book Acorns and Archangels, by Ruth Burgess.

Digital download for celebrating the period around Halloween – including Samhain, All Hallows’ Eve, All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day. 43 pages include:

  • Prayers
  • reflections
  • liturgies
  • litanies
  • activities

shares Osheta Moore's “Here Lies Love,” a litany to remind us that though we lay our loved ones to rest and we feel a myriad of emotions, not a single one of them is foreign and unseen by Jesus.

In Our Library

          Creative Ideas for Using Scripture in Worship