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Faith Formation: Pentecost

Resources including: Children & Family Curricula & Storytime; Confirmation/Affirmation of Baptism; Denominational Resources; Tween & Teen Mental and Spiritual Health; Sexuality & Identity; and Online/At-Home Tech

Children's Books

Picture of Breathe     The Day When God Made Church     One Small Thing

Adult Books

Picture of The Building a Multiethnic Church     In the Shelter: Finding a Home in the World     Seven Secrets of the Spirit-Filled Life: Daily Renewal, Purpose and Joy  When You Partner with the Holy Spirit: Levison, Jack: 9780800762704: Books     Wild Belief: Poets and Prophets in the Wilderness

Curricula and Devotionals

trinitydancers-6.jpgA Sanctified Art offers numerous Pentecost resources for worship and exploration.


God's Big Pentecost Story: A Celebration for Families is a free, downloadable package from Faith Formation Ministries providing families with a simple, meaningful (and fun!) way to celebrate Pentecost at home. It invites families to "breathe, read, wonder, and pray" together as they prepare to celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit and the birthday of the church. Download this family devotional guide and discover other great resources at


Pentecost Storytelling

This lively, interactive storytelling tells the story of Pentecost from Acts 2:1-11 (12-21, 41-42) using the element of a birthday party (candles, balloons, streamers, and cupcakes). Fill your sanctuary with the surprised gasps and joyful laughter that filled the crowd on that day long ago.

Storytelling with Shapes Video: PentecostIllustrated Ministry's Storytelling with Shapes Video: Pentecost provides a fun and creative retelling of the story of Pentecost. This two-minute and thirty-four-second video could be used for a children's moment during worship or during Sunday School or youth group.

It can be used with or without the accompanying Storytelling with Shapes: Pentecost, which guides you through a creative, engaging, and tactile way of experiencing the story of Pentecost. Because of the varying degrees of difficulties in the puzzles, Storytelling with Shapes: Pentecost can be used by many age groups, children, youth (6th–12th grade), and even during intergenerational events.


Create a large communal art project with Illustrated Ministry's Pentecost Wind Coloring Page & Poster, which includes 8.5x11, 11x17, 24x36, and 36x48 versions of their Pentecost illustration, including the phrase “In wind and flame, the Spirit came.” All ages will enjoy contributing to this coloring page as a vibrant and colorful artwork for your community.


Youth group or Intergenerational activity for Pentecost: Illustrated Ministry's Coloring & Conversation: Pentecost - comes with an 8.5x11 coloring page (a detailed and simplified version included), and discussion guide to facilitate a meaningful discussion about Pentecost. Use with the coloring pages included, or, for a larger art project - perhaps involving more groups or people - use their Pentecost Wind Coloring Page & Poster.

Pentecost Finger Labyrinth—A simple all ages spiritual practice to teach on Pentecost might be the finger labyrinth. I loved this FLAME version. Perhaps outlining in glue would create a raised surface to make it even better.

What Does This Day Mean? Reflections for Pentecost at Home

This two-sided handout for Pentecost helps all people better understand the symbols of the Holy Spirit and her work in our Church.

Faith At Home Newsletter  Pentecost Edition up to 100 Copies image 0     

Traci Smith (Faithful Families) created an at-home Pentecost box for families and shares the quick Five Ways to Celebrate Pentecost at Home with Your Family.