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Faith Formation: Hybrid Ministry

Resources including: Children & Family Curricula & Storytime; Confirmation/Affirmation of Baptism; Denominational Resources; Tween & Teen Mental and Spiritual Health; Sexuality & Identity; and Online/At-Home Tech


Welcome to The Ministry Lab's curated list of faith formation resources for Connecting with Families. Here you'll find tips and tools for connecting with families:

  • In Person
  • Online
  • Via Hybrid Ministry

Click on the link, above, or let your cursor linger over the title tab (Children & Families) for a drop-down menu; click on the option you are looking for.

If you don't find a resource to fit your need, don't hesitate to consult with The Ministry Lab's director, Emily Meyer, who is happy to assist you.

At Home Books & Curricula

Faithful Families: Creating Sacred Moments at Home               

Sign up for Traci Smith's Treasure Box Tuesday - downloadable resources to use in-person or share at home.

Always On: Practicing Faith in a New Media Landscape (Theology for the Life  of the World): Gorrell, Angela Williams: 9781540960092: Books     Picture of Bread of Life     Dear Parent     Everyday Family Faith          Home Grown Handbook for Christian Parenting          Shaped by God     Shine at Home     Tongue-Tied          Wonder Awaits!



Doing Good Together invites parents to support 

The Inner Work of Childhood

How (and Why) To Become a Family of Philosophers

Liturgical Change in the Christian Reformed Church (1964-1985) — Part 2 |  YINKAHDINAY

The Christian Reformed Church offers Family Faith Formation Toolkits - an enormous list of resources for encouraging faith formation at home.

Family Time Kit


A kit designed to inspire compassion and courage, and family connection!

Find a sample here.

Congregations Lead Initiative

The ELCA's Growing Younger page includes stories, resources, and tools to assist you and your congregation in connecting with new people so that our world may experience the difference God’s grace and love in Christ makes for all people and creation; including:

6 Core Commitments                                                                            

Download The 6 Core Commitments of Churches Growing Younger pdf here.

6 Core Commitments

Register for the ELCA Growing Younger Train the Trainer Event here.

Pastoring in the Digital Parish delivers community and resources for leaders adjusting to ministry in digital space. It’s the digital ministry class you missed in seminary.

Pastoring in the Digital Parish (from the United Methodist Church) offers coaches and teachers who guide listeners in building an online presence for ministries, engaging individuals in community, and ushering communities into digital discipleship.


The MN Conference UCC and The Ministry Lab, along with Danger Boat Productions and Doing Good Together share Family Faith Toolkits.

Each installment includes downloadable materials for families to share at home and supplemental materials to support leaders expanding the theme in Sunday School or faith formation times.

Toolkits are produced seasonally. Peruse what's available and watch for the next iteration!

Splash! Pack: 3 Year Set

The Splash! Pack: 3 Year Set is an easy, affordable way to connect with families of young children in your congregation. These monthly newsletters support caregivers of infants ages 1-12 months; toddlers ages 13-24 months; and toddlers ages 25-36 months (respectively) by helping them incorporate faith formation into the events of daily life.

Reaching Children & Families

The Pursuit of a Child’s Faith

by Jessica Gulseth in Church Anew; 

 Traci Smith at Yale Divinity School talking about Empowering Parents to Practice Faith at Home.

Welcome to Cathy's Music - Cathy's Music

Cathy’s Music is music where faith and fun meet. Your children will sing about the promises of God and the stories of God’s people and have fun at the same time.

Kid-friendly Christian songs that make a director’s job easy!

The Mystical Body of Zoom by Diana Butler Bass

Online church is a gift to be embraced.

The Pittsburgh Presbytery

Video exploring, Where Are the Kids?

At-Home Book Lists

resolved.jpg     Click the image for our favorite picture books for your youngest philosophers.     Click the image for our growing list of recommendations to get you started.     

In Our Library

Growing Together Volume I: Fall & Winter: Six Intergenerational Celebrations (Growing Together: 6 Intergenerational Celebrations) by Kathleen Finley 1889108456 9781889108452     Growing Together Volume II: Spring/Summer: Six Intergenerational Celebrations (Growing Together: 6 Intergenerational Celebrations) by Sara Fontana, Kathleen Finley, Sylvia Devillers 1889108464 9781889108469     A Homemade Year Jerusalem Jackson Greer ( Paperback )          Writing to God: Kids' Edition