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Faith Formation: Social Justice & Advocacy

Resources including: Children & Family Curricula & Storytime; Confirmation/Affirmation of Baptism; Denominational Resources; Tween & Teen Mental and Spiritual Health; Sexuality & Identity; and Online/At-Home Tech

Social Justice & Advocacy

sustainable holidays tips15 Ideas for Sustainable Holidays:

  1. Use sustainable holiday gift wrap.

  2. Prepare an eco-friendly feast.

  3. Get a real tree.

  4. Switch to LED holiday lights.

  5. Give sustainable Christmas gifts.

  6. Make sustainable Christmas decorations.

  7. Send a card that plants trees.

  8. Give an experience they can look forward to.

  9. Handcraft some awesome DIY gifts.

  10. Donate to charity.

  11. Do a gift swap.

  12. Recycle your Christmas tree.

  13. Ditch the cheap stocking stuffers.

  14. Adjust your thermostat.

  15. Enjoy an eco-friendly nightcap.

More details about each idea can be found at: 

15 Ideas for Sustainable Holidays - One Tree Planted


How to Show Solidarity with Black Lives Matter this Holiday Season

Melina Abdullah of Black Lives Matter explains how the 3 core tenets of the Black Xmas campaign are building Black, buying Black, and banking Black.

Presbyterian Online Giving Catalog


Give a gift that represents a cause that’s close to your heart. Or make a gift in someone’s honor and choose a ministry they’d love.


You unite with thousands of others giving to Presbyterian ministries through the Giving Catalog, increasing your gift’s capacity to bring hope to communities around the world.


Your gift provides help, hope and relief to people, families and communities in need.

Building Faith's Alexis Chin wonders about, What Color Was Baby Jesus’ Hair? Representing The Christ Child Multiculturally, including numerous suggestions for exploring artwork and global expressions of Jesus and the holy family.

Advent Resources 2021

Explore and engage ways to end hunger during this Advent season by bringing ELCA World Hunger into your congregation and home, with resources including:

devotional calendar Study Guide Action Guide
Find daily inspiration from prayers, Scripture, hymns and information about ELCA Good Gifts in our Advent Calendar.
Deepen your engagement throughout this season of Advent with our weekly study guide, where you can find impactful, motivational stories and information about how your gifts to ELCA World Hunger are at work in the world.
Action Guide for Congregations: This guide features ideas and resources to help activate your congregation in the work to end hunger and poverty this Advent season.
Order / Download Order / Download Order / Download / View Interactive Guide

ELCA World Hunger encourage addressing local, regional and global hunger.

Seasonally appropriate materials guide congregations in specific actions and provide for worship and study.

Illustrated Ministry shares this list of worthy Advent & Christmas giving:

  • Rent Relief: Support The Conscious Kid’s fundraiser for #RentRelief. Donate here.
  • Native American Community Response Fund: The fund provides grants to Native American nonprofits on the ground to ensure that they are better equipped to care for their most vulnerable—relatives facing food insecurity, access to housing, and their low-income elderly. Donate here.
  • RIP Medical Debt: Every $100 donated forgives $10,000 in medical debt. Donate here.
  • Bread for the World: Give to a national or global charity working to fight hunger, or support your local food bank. You can donate to Bread for the World here. For a list of some international charities fighting hunger, click here.