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Faith Formation: Bible

Resources including: Children & Family Curricula & Storytime; Confirmation/Affirmation of Baptism; Denominational Resources; Tween & Teen Mental and Spiritual Health; Sexuality & Identity; and Online/At-Home Tech


Welcome to The Ministry Lab's curated list of resources geared toward Bible study and prayer with young people. Here you'll find:

  • Websites and Curricula suitable for sharing online or in person
  • Blogs, Podcasts & Articles with helpful tips and worthwhile content
  • Activity Suggestions & Resources
  • Books and Downloadable resources to share with or through parents

If you don't find a resource to fit your need, you might also look in our Contemplative Practices/Introductions guide, or don't hesitate to consult with The Ministry Lab's director, Emily Meyer, who is happy to assist you.

Bible Discussion with Tweens & Teens

A seven-episode Bible study on Genesis with a written discussion guide. Download episode 1 on us and see what it’s all about.

All Living the Questions curricula are available to stream or download; includes a variety of progressive topics.


Find this same sequence of resources for Middle School in our Confirmation & Affirmation of Baptism lib guide.

Crystal Cheatam's Our Bible App is focused on Ditching Toxic Theology, and includes devotions and podcasts from emerging thinkers and leaders.

Amazing Pocket Bible Trivia: Questions, Puzzles & Quizzes: Parker, Timothy  E.: 9780800742157: Books               9781640654822: Bad Things, Good People, and God: A Guide for Teens     Bible Word Search for Adults by Paige Tate & Co.          The Bible Book by DK     Big Brain Bible Games | Baker Publishing Group     God's Monsters: Vengeful Spirits, Deadly Angels, Hybrid Creatures, and Divine Hitmen of the Bible     Grit and Grace: Heroic Women of the Bible     Image result for a habit called faith          Let There Be Light by Liana Finck     BL_PsalmsOfMyPeople_Cover_9781506479026c     Reading the Bible Again for the First Time: Taking the Bible Seriously but Not Literally     9780687099276: Signs of Faith: Bible Verses for Preteens and Youth     Speak with the Earth and It Will Teach You | A Field Guide to the Bible (Cooperrider)     Teaching Outside the Box: Five Approaches to Opening the Bible With Youth - eBook  -     By: Andrew Zirschky     What Do We Do with the Bible?     

Echo the Story 12                                                                                          Echo the Story 36

Experience the biblical narrative through storytelling, creative reflection, and dialogue. Echo the Story 12 is an overview of the Bible, from creation to the formation of the church. Experience the biblical narrative through storytelling, creative reflection, and dialogue. Echo the Story 36 delves deep into the biblical narrative from creation to Revelation.

Websites & Curricula

Free Bible Images, 'wants to help those teaching the Bible in all nations of the world in this visual age. All pictures are free for use in teaching and non-commercial streaming. We provide the pictures and you tell the story, with the Bible as your reference source'.

Sparkhouse's One-Year bible Reading Plan: each month includes four stories, discussion questions, an intergenerational activity, and a short prayer. Use your own Bible or choose one of their Story Bibles.

forma/Faith@Home shares weekly and semi-daily RCL “lectionary-based readings and reflections” for discussions in youth group or at home; age-appropriate options for toddler through high school

Bible Song Cross Gen BSCG Logo (72 dpi).png




Bible Song Cross+Gen builds a fun and life-giving cross generational (Cross+Gen) ministry by engaging the senses, the brains, and the hearts of people of all ages. Walking through the biblical narrative from Genesis through Acts, Bible Song Cross+Gen creates Biblical literacy.

Click here to order Bible Song Cross+Gen, for more information or to download a free sample.

Click here to order Bible Song Cross+Gen Journals.

FAITH5 Course DVD Cover2.jpg

The FAITH5 Course provides the tools needed to incorporate FAITH5 into the core of children, youth and family ministry in your church.

This fun and engaging 6-session resource creates the home as a church, and the church as a home.

Click here to order the FAITH5 Course, for more information or to download a free sample.

Faith Questions is a PC(USA) youth curriculum that explores questions asked by real youth about important faith topics. Each unit offers connections to media resources and fun, enriching activities and comes in both print and Coffeehouse (i.e. online-friendly) versions. Sessions include:

  • 7 Bible Studies
  • 8 Real Life Topics
  • 8 Basics of Faith
  • 9 Understanding Theology (from a PC(USA) perspective)

Feasting on the Word is a lectionary based curriculum that allows all ages to study the same text each week. Preparatory materials equip leaders with the biblical background they need to feel confident with any age group.

Sample Sessions are available for:

The Free Guide offers tips for online use.

Blogs, Podcasts & Articles

Bible in a Minute

Follow Riverside Church in NYC and Rev. Jim Keat, Rev. Adrienne Thorne, et. al., as they give on minute summaries of the Bible!

Learn more here.

Rev. Dr. Michael Piazza encourages us to read the Bible with a lighter heart and in the hopes that it will Jolt Our Assumptions.

Why follow Jesus if you don’t believe all of scripture?

by Rev. Dr. Robin Meyers


God Is No Longer a Working Number: Rethinking Christianity for the Twenty-first Century

by Martin Thielen

Both include helpful insights when walking youth through faith and the Bible.

Poetry Unbound: incorporate poetry into a personal or group contemplative practice, worship/liturgical element, or fodder for small group discussions among tweens, teens and/or adults.

Listen to the trailer and subscribe on Apple PodcastsSpotifyGoogle PodcastsOvercast, or wherever you listen.

offers numerous video and podcast series as well as their small group study series, Church at Home. Disclaimer: while accessible for many age-groups, God is imaged as exclusively male and their motto is, "Helping people experience the Bible as a unified story that leads to Jesus" (a form of Christo-centrism that subsumes the Hebrew narrative for its own purposes). Significant editing may be required, but might also make for powerful conversations about biblical interpretation and usage.

In Our Library - Bible - Multi-Media

 Covenant & Promise DVDs v. 1 & 2

Activity Suggestions

Picture of Bread of Life

The Great Banquet: Parable Series     

The Ministry Lab teams up with the MN Conference UCCDanger Boat Productions, Doing Good Together, and a musician to offer SummerFallAdvent, and Lent Toolkits for Families and Faith Formation Leaders from any denomination.

Narrative Yoga: Connects a Children's Story with RCL Bible texts for Sunday worship

"Choose Love" connects Elizabeti's School to Matthew 21:23-32
"Stepping Into the Unknown" connects Scaredy Squirrel at the Beach to Exodus 16:2-15

"Live and Let Live" connects The Grumpy Pets to Romans 14:1-12
"Work It Out" uses the story Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse to Matthew 18:15-20


In Our Library - Bibles for Tweens, Teens, & Intergenerational

         The Book of God    The Family Time Bible     First Nations Version                    
     Spark Bible (NRSV) Gift Edition     5534645

In Our Library - Bible Discussion

All the Best Questions!: And Some Answers, Too     The Bible and the Transgender Experience | How Scripture Supports Gender Variance (Herzer)     9781596270916: Blinded: The Story of Paul the Apostle          Mary: Seeing God through the Eyes of a Mother  -     By: Eugene H. Peterson     Ruth: Discovering Your Place in God's Story  -     By: Eugene H. Peterson     7604490     Grit and Grace: Heroic Women of the Bible                    2998655     Shaped by the Story : Helping Students Encounter God in a New Way     Picture of Teaching Outside the Box     13529091          29452445. sy475      When Kids Ask Hard Questions: Faith-filled Responses for Tough Topics

Picture of Delicious Bible Stories     9781791020255: Milk and Honey Cooking School