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Faith Formation: Creation Care for All Ages

Resources including: Children & Family Curricula & Storytime; Confirmation/Affirmation of Baptism; Denominational Resources; Tween & Teen Mental and Spiritual Health; Sexuality & Identity; and Online/At-Home Tech

Children's Books

Image result for 111 Trees     All the Feelings Under the Sun          As Babies Dream          In the Beginning: A Creation Story Pop-Up Book     Jayden’s Impossible Garden: timeless story about community and connection     A Kid's Guide to Saving the Planet: It's Not Hopeless and We're Not Helpless     This beautiful picture book teaches kids to connect with themselves, with others, and with nature     Once Upon Another Time               We All Play     619P0VcehqL.jpg     Wonder Awaits!     

Zonia's Rain Forest

Zonia's Rain Forest includes a translation of the story in Ashaninka, information about the Ashaninka community, and resources on the Amazon rain forest and its wildlife.

book lists (1).jpg     

Addresses issues children might hear about in the news and may not understand; straightforward and kid-friendly explanations of tough topics; includes ideas for what they can do to help make the world a better, fairer place. Each book has a glossary and additional resources.

The series includes: Culture and Diversity; Rights and Equality; Protecting the Planet; and Rules and Responsibilities.

Tweens & Teens

animal chapter books.jpg     Chapter books that inspire kids to heal the earth.

Adult's Books

     Braiding Sweetgrass     Climate Courage     Church of the Wild: How Nature Invites Us into the Sacred          The Dirt to Soil cover     Picture of Everyone Must Eat          Gonna Trouble the Water | Ecojustice, Water, and Environmental Racism (De La Torre)     Is It Too Late?: A Theology of Ecology     Jesus for Farmers and Fishers: Justice for All Those Marginalized by Our Food System               A New Climate for Christology: Kenosis, Climate Change, and Befriending Nature     Oak Flat by Lauren Redniss     Our Angry Eden: Faith and Hope on a Hotter, Harsher Planet     Our Last Best Act: Planning for the End of Our Lives to Protect the People and Places We Love     Parenting for a Better World: Social Justice Practices for Your Family and the Planet     The Path to a Livable Future: A New Politics to Fight Climate Change, Racism, and the Next Pandemic     The Radiant Lives of Animals     Under the Sky We Make     The Water Defenders     The Way of Imagination     Wild Belief: Poets and Prophets in the Wilderness     




  • FREE eco theology curriculum

  • FUN enviroSTEM activities

  • FAITHFUL spiritual practices

  • FRUITFUL water justice discussions

This curriculum was created by Growing Green Hearts/Heidi Ferris, in conjunction with the Capitol Region Watershed District, area congregations, Luther Seminary, and The Ministry Lab.

Our Angry Eden: Faith and Hope on a Hotter, Harsher Planet

The Our Angry Eden Discussion Guide is perfect for church groups, book clubs, and individual study.

Planting the Future: How Faith Communities Can Get Involved

Religious communities can contribute to restoring forest ecosystems as part of the current UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. On June 5, 2021, the Interfaith Rainforest Initiative, which partners with the Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology and UNEP’s Faith for Earth Initiative, published an issue primer for religious leaders and faith communities on forest restoration. The primer shows how religious groups might support and participate in forest restoration projects and details what such projects can accomplish.

Heidi Ferris of Growing Green Hearts teamed up with a group of St Paul, MN, congregations, Capitol Region Watershed District and The Ministry Lab to create Wade in the Water, an activity-based, experiential learning curriculum that blends theology, water quality, and community by getting everyone outside to study the specific water where you live. Adaptable to diverse settings.

Study & Worship for Progressive Churches: Creation (Donald Schmidt - Author) makes the vision of whole congregation sharing not only possible, but easy. This all-in-one study and worship resource includes everything a congregation needs to enable children, youth, parents, and grandparents to share together in a five-week study of the biblical stories of creation.  

Connect-the-Drops: Faith, Science & Youth Leadership Cohorts  

High school, middle school, or intergenerational. Go to for more info.

Nature - Our First Way of Knowing God Video-based Adult Christian Study Curriculum

Nature: Our First Way Of Knowing God

Video-based Adult Christian Study Curriculum

Nature: Our First Way of Knowing God includes videos, discussion questions, and a suggested spiritual practice in nature — Try This — for each week that can be done either individually or as a group. The study also encourages participants to examine and transform their own lifestyles to help bring health and wholeness to God’s beloved creation.

Presenter: Beth Norcross, founder and executive director of the Center for Spirituality in Nature ( and adjunct faculty member at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC



Pope Francis was joined by nearly 40 global faith leaders for "Faith and Science: Towards COP26". Their signed joint appeal was given to Alok Sharma, president-designate of COP26, and to Luigi Di Maio, Italy’s foreign affairs minister.

“Future generations will never forgive us if we miss the opportunity to protect our common home. We have inherited a garden: We must not leave a desert to our children,” said the written appeal, signed Oct. 4, the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint of ecology.

See the Catholic News Service write-up here.

View AlJazeera's report here.

View a trailer, join a multi-group event, or create a virtual screening

Blogs, Podcasts & Articles

Rev. Dr. Cameron Trimble points out the connection between our Mistakes about God and our mistakes about nature - and vice versa.

\Barbara Holmes, Untitled 2 (detail), 2021, photograph, United States.

Richard Rohr spent a week Contemplating Creation - short, daily devotionals to help us see and develop awareness of our oneness with creation.

Welcoming the Many Names of the Divine Feminine by Matthew Fox highlights how our theology - specifically our inclusion of and appreciation for the Divine Feminine - affects our zeal for and approaches in creation care.

BBC News - Wikipedia

Climate Change: At-risk Nations Fear Extinction after IPCC Report

Nations vulnerable to climate change have warned they are on the "edge of extinction" if action is not taken.

Podcast Episode 34: "Renewing" with Eileen Flanagan, a nationally-known activist and award-winning spiritual writer from the Quaker tradition whose online courses help peoples' activism more effective and whose work focuses on how to build a spiritually grounded and effective climate justice movement.

Creation Spirituality | REDDING VOICE

Daily Meditations from Matthew Fox on Creation Spirituality

The Office of Social Justice and Faith Formation Ministries offer this resource to address God's call to care for creation. Ten Ways to Care for Creation includes ideas such as starting an intergenerational gardening project, holding a storytelling series, and much more!

Download this free resource or order printed copies for a small fee at

Matthew Fox cites Linda Neale inviting humans to join the Grand Liturgy of the Universe.

Progressive Christianity and The Salt Project present a two-part audio series: The Bible and Climate Change.