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Faith Formation: Children & Families

Resources including: Children & Family Curricula & Storytime; Confirmation/Affirmation of Baptism; Denominational Resources; Tween & Teen Mental and Spiritual Health; Sexuality & Identity; and Online/At-Home Tech

Children's Books

 This Is the Mystery of Easter by Amelia Dress

Dress writes, "This book was born out of my passion for doing theology with children. It morphed into a book as people asked for a way to share the story at home. I’m happy it’s helpful and thrilled to give it away."

Download it as a free pdf here.

Easter Love Letters from God, Updated Edition          Picture of Jesus Is Risen!     Make Room     Make Space for Jesus                    Twas the Season of Lent: Devotions and Stories for the Lenten and Easter  Seasons ('Twas Series) - Kindle edition by Nellist, Glenys, Selivanova,  Elena. Children Kindle eBooks @

Wild Hope




Family Devotionals

Make RoomMake Room: A Child’s Guide
to Lent and Easter
A Discussion and Activity Guide

by Laura Alary



'The fruits of this season are many: simplicity, attentiveness, hospitality, compassion, and
openness of mind and heart. I hope this Activity Guide helps you use Make Room to
cultivate these qualities in the children you love.' - Laura Alary

Matisse Mockup_Cover.pngInto the Wild: A Family-Friendly Devotional on Henri Matisse and the Season of Lent

The Season of Lent is a walk into the wild, a 40-day adventure filled with wild beasts, wild love, beauties, challenges, visions – and bold, bright colors.

In this family-friendly Lenten devotional full of Scripture, art, and activities, we take this adventure with Henri Matisse, one of the most daring and beloved artists in modern history. From his childhood in northern France to what he called his “masterpiece,” the Chapel of the Rosary in Vence, Matisse explored faith and wildness throughout his life.


Love Builds Up Mockup COVER.pngSALT’s “40-Day ‘Love Builds Up’ Family Challenge” is the perfect way for families of all shapes and sizes to strengthen spiritual muscles and emotional health during Lent.  We could all use a little training - and a little practice!

God’s Big Easter Story: A Holy Week Journey for Families provides your family with a simple, meaningful way to grow in faith together as you remember the events leading up to Jesus’ death and celebrate Jesus’ resurrection.

50 Days of Spiritual Practice from Easter to Pentecost  Up image 1     Faithful Families for Lent, Easter & Resurrection

Faithful Families Lenten Booklet 14 Weeks from Lent to image 1 Traci Smith's Lent and Easter Reflections for families from the first week of Lent, through Pentecost.


Help your kids and families get more out of all those plastic Easter eggs with this free resource from Sparkhouse Digital. Sparkhouse Digital hosts hundreds of Lent, Holy Week, and Easter resources from both their core curricula and seasonal bonus resources. This is so egg-cellent. Activity Eggs!

You've Been Egged: A Fundraiser for the Easter Season

This article shares tips for organizing a fundraiser by delivering surprise Easter egg gift bags and baskets of treats.

Build a Better *Biblical* Easter Basket

Want creative ideas for what to put in Easter baskets for kids? This article offers suggestions that invite children deeper into Easter's message.

Mixing It Up: Creating a Seasonal Spotify Playlist for Your Parish

Enjoy a 2020s "mixtape" (as author Michelle Palmer describes it) as a community for the Easter season. Check out this article to learn how to make it happen. This project could be tailored to ministries with families, youth groups, college students, and adult groups of all ages as well.

Video Blessings: An Idea for COVID and Beyond

If your community is interested in a digital ministry offering for Easter, this article provides ideas and guidance in creating video blessings for church members to share with the congregation.

Easter Craft: Resurrection Butterflies

This article provides a simple craft that children can do to celebrate Easter, and it only requires 6 basic items plus water.

Faith Alive Christian Resources offers a Lenten Faith Formation Resources list and two Great Ideas: Help Kids Count Down to Easter and Shrove Tuesday Party Packs.

Curricula & Spiritual Practices


Close-up of six human hands with diverse skin tones forming the shape of a heart together with a light pink background    On Not Taking Lent out on Our Bodies






A landscape of ivory-colored sand and blue skies with white clouds and a plant with green spiky leaves and a tall stalk with flowers in the foreground     3 Teaching Points for Lent






A view from the back of two children almost shoulder deep in a field of plants with purple flowers; the child on the left is wearing a yellow hat, the child on the right has brown hair, and both have light skin     4 Things I Tell Children the Sunday before Lent






Close-up of the surface of blue water rippling in rings and a water droplet in the shape of a sphere just above the center of the ripple    This Lent, Add Instead of Subtract

Holy Troublemakers & Unconventional SaintsDaneen Aker’s article “What if Jesus came to live, not to die?” wonders, "How might we view [the] story of Jesus differently if we taught that he came to show us how to live, instead of coming to die? Dismantling substitutionary atonement is holy troublemaking work indeed..."

Three Teaching Points for Easter

Interested in ideas for teaching children, youth, or adults about the meaning of Easter? This article highlights 3 key themes that you can explore in formation gatherings during this season.

Practice Spiritual Disciplines     Practice Spiritual Disciplines     Practice Spiritual Disciplines Downloadable     Practice Spiritual Disciplines Downloadable

next to a picture of colorful kids' socks on a clothesline read the words "Family Faith Formation Toolkit"Family Faith Formation Resources | Lent

from Faith Formation Ministries

Liturgy/Worship w/ Children & Families

Prayers and Blessings for Easter

Seven prayers and four blessings that you can use at an Easter Vigil, on Easter Day, or throughout the Easter season.


(for congregational use)        (for family use)