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Faith Formation: Curricula

Resources including: Children & Family Curricula & Storytime; Confirmation/Affirmation of Baptism; Denominational Resources; Tween & Teen Mental and Spiritual Health; Sexuality & Identity; and Online/At-Home Tech

General Curricula

Celebrate Wonder Music CD · Cokesbury KidsPOWERXPRESS DIGITAL CURRICULUM

PowerXpress is a rotation model curriculum using seven stations (art, cooking, games, video, music/movement, science, storytelling) using a life to Bible format. For children grades K-6 with activities for both younger and older children.  A favorite downloadable curriculum among churches for years!

Manna and Mercy: A Brief History of God's Unfolding Promise to Mend the Entire Universe Manna and Mercy Board Book Bundle     A Place for You Bilingual Edition

From Augsburg Fortress:

  • a full intergenerational curriculum
  • based on Daniel Erlander's beloved book Manna and Mercy
    • a book about God and the continuity of God’s covenant of life, justice, and inclusion to all people and all of creation.

The curriculum includes:

Michelle Gribble's Story and Stretch:

  • online videos
  • easy to share
  • enjoyment for all ages
  • movement together
  • a fresh perspective on ancient stories and truths

Sparkhouse Digital:

  • customizable
  • accessible for teachers and parents
  • engaging content available for pre-K-12
PC(USA) Store's Growing in Grace is appropriate for ages 3-5 or 5-10.

Living the Questions Provides curricula for all ages in a variety of progressive modes and topics.

The Unofficial Holy Bible for Minecrafters Box Set     The Unofficial Holy Bible for Minecrafters: Old Testament     The Unofficial Holy Bible for Minecrafters: New Testament     The Unofficial Holy Bible for Minecrafters

Narrative Lectionary Based Curricula

Living the Word (2021-2022)     Adults    Everyone     Kids     Leaders     Youth


Spill the Beans

  • Narrative Lectionary
  • worship and learning
  • resources for all ages

Revised Common Lectionary Based Curricula

Mini Revolutions Curriculum Monthly Subscription

Mini Revolutions

Download a sample.

Feasting on the Word is a lectionary based curriculum that allows all ages to study the same text each week. Preparatory materials equip leaders with the biblical background they need to feel confident with any age group.

Sample Sessions are available for:

The Free Guide offers tips for online use.

Spiritual Practices Based Curriculum

Godly Play

The Godly Play® method is:

  • created by theologian, author and educator, Rev. Dr. Jerome Berryman
  • a curriculum of spiritual practice
  • explores the mystery of God’s presence in our lives
  • teaches us to listen for God and to make authentic and creative responses to God’s call in our lives
 's  A Joyful Path (ages 6 - 10):
  • behavior-over-belief curriculum
  • connects children with their own inner wisdom
  • works well in-person or online
It teaches:
  • interdependence
  • self awareness
  • respect for nature
  • stillness
  • forgiveness
  • prayer
  • meditation
  • integrity
  • utilizes the Bible and other wisdom stories
Choose Year 1 or Year 2 Full Year Version - Book, PDF or DVD
Year 3 (for ages 9-12) lessons offer:
  • a Christianity that is radically inclusive
  • a willingness to foster connections
  • questions in pursuit of "the Oneness and Unity of all Life" and includes:
    • heart-centered and experiential practices
    • informed by Christian mysticism and Earth-centered spirituality
    • includes interfaith and inter-spiritual perspectives

Other Curricula Lists

The Association of United Church Educators shares a giant list of at-home faith formation activities and ideas.

Keep up with Disciples Home Missions on their website and fb for every-day at-home faith formation ideas.

The PC(USA) Store has a huge list of resources for on-lining church (worship and study groups) and free downloadable faith formation for all ages.

In Our Library - Curricula

Around the Year in Children's Church: 52 Programs for Kids Ages 3-7  -     By: Lisa Flinn, Barbara Younger     Blessed to Be a Blessing

In Our Library - Out-of-the-Box

Story & Stretch: A Guide to Teaching Kids Yoga Using Gospel Stories     The World Jesus Knew: A Curious Kid's Guide to Life in the First Century