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Faith Formation: Antiracism: Children & Families

Resources including: Children & Family Curricula & Storytime; Confirmation/Affirmation of Baptism; Denominational Resources; Tween & Teen Mental and Spiritual Health; Sexuality & Identity; and Online/At-Home Tech

Where You'll Find What

Here you'll find resources to help you facilitate informed, helpful, healing conversations about race and diversity with the children and families you serve, and you'll find resources to share with parents/caregivers to encourage household discussions.

  • History of Race in America: introduce young minds to the important historical figures, movements, challenges and ideas about race throughout modern American history
  • Antiracism & White Supremacy: resources that address race, activism and ending white supremacy culture for children and parents
  • Identity & Diversity: celebrate the specialness of each individual, empowering children to love themselves in all that makes them unique; and others, in all the diverse ways God makes us
  • Immigration: glimpses of the realities behind immigration develop appreciation for the diversity of people seeking safety
  • Compassion: invite young people to engage neighbors from all backgrounds out of compassion and love


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