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Worship: Communion

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Do This | Communion for Just and Courageous LivingDo This: Communion for Just and Courageous Living is a starting point for (re)engaging the life-shaping themes of Communion:

  • belonging and memory,
  • bodies and violence,
  • food and creation care,
  • labor and resilience,
  • reconciliation and healing.

With new reflections and prayers, original hymns and liturgies, Do This brings deep wonder to the order of Communion.

Krista Tippett discusses, The Meaning of Communion: At the Table, with Don Saliers and Edward Foley.

In Our Library - Children's

Books     A Child's Guide to the Holy Eucharist: Rite II: Horton, Sarah, Murdoch,  Cecilia M.: 9780819218025: Books:     En la mesa de Dios / At God's Table     Let Us Pray: A Little Kid's Guide to the Eucharist  -     By: Jennie Turrell          The Meaning of Holy Communion in The United Methodist Church: 9780881777772  -     Sunday Morning     You're Invited