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Worship: ...with Children

resources from judicatories, including re-opening guidelines and online worship videos; online hospitality & participation; engaging children, youth, and intergenerational; lectionary & preaching; liturgy, music & liturgical arts; tech & copyright helps;

Exploring God

Dear Mama God cover mockup     cover.gif     God Is Just Like Me     God's Coming to Visit!     God's Holy Darkness     A beautifully illustrated Bible for 4-8,encouraging children to wonder about our great God.          Maybe God Is Like That Too     Mother God     Picture of My Love, God Is Everywhere     Picturing God     The Story of Us     What If I Can't Explain God?     What Is God Like? by Rachel Held Evans and Matthew Paul Turner     What Is God's Name? (Early Childhood Sprituality): Sasso, Sandy Eisenberg,  Stone, Phoebe: 9781893361102: Books     Wherever You Are     Wonder Awaits!     This affirming book celebrates the curiosity and thought-provoking questions children ask.     

This family discussion guide accompanies Picturing God.

Children's Time Books

See our Faith Formation: Truth Telling & Storytelling lib guide for a full list of our favorites.

All God's Critters Sing Allelu     Stories to Inspire Imaginations


Illustrated Ministry has released the chord charts and sheet music for each of their Compassion Camp songs; they’re available individually in their store here.

  • Their first single, “Welcome Home,” is great as a gathering any time, and especially for fall kickoff Sunday service!
  • Need a quiet, meditative, and Taize-like song for a worship service, check out “When We Breathe.”
  • Are you leading a service focusing on the vastness of God’s creation? “A Creation Hymn” is based on Psalm 104 and an earworm you will love! Grab the music today!

Cover of ChildrenSing CreationThe Children Sing Creation collection - for singers 8-12 years - provides eleven anthems that highlight a variety of themes related to creation from the delight of God’s creative activity to our role in honoring and caring for the Earth.

Welcome to Cathy's Music - Cathy's MusicCathy’s Music is music where faith and fun meet. Your children will sing about the promises of God and the stories of God’s people and have fun at the same time.

Kid-friendly Christian songs that make a director’s job easy!

Glory to God--Hymns and Songs for Children and Families: Singing Faith All Day Long

Created to help people share songs of the Christian faith with children, these 19 songs and 4 prayers - adapted for children by professional musicians - form a soundtrack for children to know themselves as God's children.

You may download this resource via iTunes.

Worship Resources

Bullying - downloadBullying (PDF download)
A liturgy for those who are burdened, and a reflection

Rosemary Power

Digital download:  A liturgy in seven sections, for use in a small group with those who are burdened by bullying. There is also a reflection on bullying in the church.

This liturgy is intended for use in a small group with those who experience this form of spiritual malaise: targets of bullying, advisers, those with responsibility for addressing bullying, onlookers, and, if possible, as a guideline for perpetrators. It is designed so that people can pray together for one person, or more, in turn.

33 pages.

Learn more and find a sample here.

Decorative ImageEverything You Need for An Interactive Series on the Faith Practices

Sermon. Intergenerational group activity. Midweek gathering. VBS alternative. We think these resources for exploring faith practices as a church community might work for any context.



Jenny Cannon“Leaders Empower All Generations to Lead Worship”

Rev. Jenny Cannon, lead pastor at Christ United Methodist Church in Rochester, Minnesota, presents “Leaders Empower All Generations to Lead Worship,” a Leading Voices video in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Lewis Center.

Watch now.

In Our Library

Around the Year in Children's Church: 52 Programs for Kids Ages 3-7  -     By: Lisa Flinn, Barbara Younger               9780898693263: Children at Worship: Congregations in Bloom     A Children's Guide to Worship     The Dancing Stones | 26 Children's Sermons with Activities (Hammer)     Feasting on the Word Guide to Children's Sermons     Feasting on the Word Children's Sermons for Year A     Feasting on the Word Children's Sermons for Year B     Feasting on the Word Children's Sermons for Year C          Growing Seeds of Faith: The New Brown Bag: Loewen, Virginia H.:  9780829814880: Books     Make a Joyful Noisemaker: Mark Burrows          Moments of Wonder: 52 New Engaging Children's Moments  -     By: Mark Burrows     Planting Seeds of Faith (The New Brown Bag) by Virginia H. Loewen     The Rite Place: Kids Do Church! Adults Do, Too!  -     By: Shawn M. Schreiner, Dennis E. Northway     The Talking Stick | 40 Children's Sermons with Activities (Hammer)     Teaching Kids Authentic Worship: How to Keep Them Close to God for Life  -     By: Kathleen Chapman     Tell Me A Story | 30 Children's Sermons Based on Best-Loved Books (Wezeman and Liechty)     Touch the Water | 30 Children's Sermons on Baptism (Vos Wezeman, Liechty and Wezeman)     Wipe the Tears | 30 Children's Sermons on Death (Vos Wezeman, Liechty, Wezeman)     Worship the Lord with Gladness  -     By: Rita B. Hays     Wow Time: 52 Engaging Children's Moments  -     By: Mark Burrows