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Worship: Liturgy, Music & Liturgical Arts

resources from judicatories, including re-opening guidelines and online worship videos; online hospitality & participation; engaging children, youth, and intergenerational; lectionary & preaching; liturgy, music & liturgical arts; tech & copyright helps;

Written/Verbal Elements

Progressive Christianity offers an extensive online Service and Gathering Planning resource library, searchable by topic and element of worship.

Cooking with Elsa: weekly RCL-based worship resources including: sermon prompts, liturgical elements and creative tips.

The Plural Guild creates unique liturgies and music specific to the times and contexts in which we live.

enfleshed develops general-purpose, anti-racism and COVID-19 related liturgical elements.

offers a slough of resources including: Ministry Resources; Worship Words; and Blog Features. Please note their requests for citations and be aware of copyright permissions.

created Anti-Racism in the Renewing of Christian Worship, 2020 with tips embedded in the article, and with lists of resources for Anti-Racism in the Renewing of Christian Worship; Expanding Our Cultural Understanding; and Bilingual Singing.

The Promise & the Practice offers a collection of worship materials by UU religious professionals of color.


A Sanctified Art provides liturgical elements informed by and incorporating progressive theology, expansive imagery, and beautiful and diverse forms of art to encourage engagement in worship.

Their Summer 2021 liturgy will launch April 21, 2021. Find the infographic here.


Bundled resources include:

Study journal Branding bundle
Sermon planning guide Poetry prayers
Words for worship A special liturgy with holy communion
Conversation cards Video vignettes
8 New visuals with artist statements A listening guide

​​Free materials released to supplement the bundle

  1. Hymn & music ideas shared on our blog.
  2. Children's lessons shared on our blog.
  3. Artful ideas for worship adornment shared on our blog.
  4. A content calendar for social media.

offers weekly liturgical prompts, Worship in the Home


Clergy Stuff

Clergy Stuff offers resources for Narrative and Revised Common Lectionaries, including confirmation, worship, preaching, children's stories, and VBS.

Incorporate their poetry into a personal or group contemplative practice, worship/liturgical element, or small group discussion fodder among tweens, teens and/or adults.

Listen to the trailer and subscribe on Apple PodcastsSpotifyGoogle PodcastsOvercast, or wherever you listen.

A Sanctified Art provides liturgical elements informed by and incorporating progressive theology, expansive imagery, and beautiful and diverse forms of art to encourage engagement in worship.

Visual Arts

As featured on PBS, Duluth artist, Carolyn Olson’s, powerful artwork could be the impetus for a moving sermon, the backdrop for Prayers of the People/Intercessory Prayers, and/or a contemplative focal point. Contact the artist for copyright permissions.

Igniter Media created free graphics to help engage congregations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

creates fantastic coloring pages, bulletins and other resources for children to use during worship that spark inquiry and deepen engagement.


offers tips for congregational SINGING IN A VIRTUAL REALITY

How to Create a Virtual Anthem

Webinars in 2021 are offered in four separate series.

You may register at any time through 2021 and receive recordings of previous live webinars.

Webinars are Fridays at 3:00 PM CST, unless otherwise noted.

has pieces available on Prelude Music Planner for download. Nonsubscribers can find pieces for purchase on the Augsburg Fortress website; sign up for their biweekly newsletter with streaming music ideas for upcoming Sundays.


"the nation's premiere faith-based music academy for high school students" created a resource page which includes links to a beautiful Virtual Evening Prayer, the LSM virtual choir singing Luther's Morning Prayer (Carl Shalk), and a number of faculty recordings of tips and commentaries for church musicians.

Dance & Multi-Media


Joe Davis's YouTube page is full of amazing Spoken Word videos. Joe is amazing - artistically and theologically!!

is a subscription-based streaming service providing video resources to include in online worship or discussion groups; includes visual prayers, poems, and benedictions

OnBeing's new Poetry Films forum could be great as contemplative prayer prompts, worship elements or small group discussion starters.

is not only a fantastic book, the trailer, in and of itself, is a beautiful contemplative practice - great for prayer-time!

Specific Elements

Equity Lens on Preaching & Praying: Regarding the Insurrection on Capital Hill

from the Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area; by Rev. Anna Kendig Flores, PTCA Anti-Racism Institutional Assessment Coordinator

A collated Interfaith Prayer for Peace; adding pieces from other world religions or individuals - especially publicly/currently demonized groups - might add to its power.

Books / Hard-Copy Resources

Pandemic Prayers          Practicing Lament     Reclaiming Rest: The Promise of Sabbath, Solitude, and Stillness in a  Restless World | Broadleaf Books     

Music - Books, Online & Downloads