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Worship: Including Children in Holy Week & Easter

resources from judicatories, including re-opening guidelines and online worship videos; online hospitality & participation; engaging children, youth, and intergenerational; lectionary & preaching; liturgy, music & liturgical arts; tech & copyright helps;

Including Children in Holy Week/Easter Worship

Illustrated Ministry's growing collection of resources for theStations of the Cross & Seven Last Words, include everything from a collaborative art project for your community throughout Lent to an experiential Good Friday worship experience - and so much more:

Stations of the Cross Coloring Posters

Stations of the Cross Devotional Guide

Stations of the Cross Coloring Pages

Stations of the Cross Worship Videos

Stations of the Cross Interactive Reflection Booklet

Stations of the Cross Worship Planning Guide & Liturgy (COMING in 2024)


Seven Last Words Coloring Posters

Seven Last Words Devotional Guide

Seven Last Words Coloring Pages

Seven Last Words Worship Planning Guide & Liturgy (COMING in 2024)


NEW FOR 2024: Lliturgies for a Good Friday Noon Worship Service (geared towards adults) and an evening Intergenerational, Interactive, and Experiential Evening Service.


The Lent Resources Guide highlights:

  • An Illustrated Lenten Spiral: Engage with your family or community in Lenten activities, questions, and nature walks. Begins on Ash Wednesday and continues to Easter Sunday.
  • Coloring & Conversation: Lenten Psalms: A youth group resource with nine lessons for discussion and reflection while coloring our Psalms Coloring Posters or Pages.

  • Storytelling with Shapes: Holy Week: Experience Holy Week through narrative tangram puzzles, combining shapes to retell key events from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, suitable for all ages.
  • Storytelling with Shapes: Easter: Journey through Easter's story using tangram puzzles, suitable for all ages, with varied challenges and a storytelling guide.
  • Alleluia Butterfly Sticker: A vibrant sticker version of the Alleluia Butterfly Coloring Page & Poster, perfect for Easter morning celebrations.

  • Labyrinth Sticker: A unique new sticker offering daily reflection and renewal—ideal for laptops and water bottles.
  • Stations of the Cross Worship Planning Guide & Liturgy: A comprehensive guide for two impactful Good Friday Services, including adult and intergenerational formats.
  • Seven Last Words Worship Planning Guide & Liturgy: A comprehensive guide for two impactful Good Friday Services, including adult and intergenerational formats.

Ideas for Easter Day and Season

Prayers and Blessings for Easter

Seven prayers and four blessings that you can use at an Easter Vigil, on Easter Day, or throughout the Easter season.

Printable Resources for Children & Families

What Does This Day Mean?: Handout for the Great Vigil at Home
What Does This Day Mean?: Handout for Easter Day at Home


Three Teaching Points for Easter

Interested in ideas for teaching children, youth, or adults about the meaning of Easter? This article highlights 3 key themes that you can explore in formation gatherings during this season.


You've Been Egged: A Fundraiser for the Easter Season

This article shares tips for organizing a fundraiser by delivering surprise Easter egg gift bags and baskets of treats.

Build a Better *Biblical* Easter Basket

Want creative ideas for what to put in Easter baskets for kids? This article offers suggestions that invite children deeper into Easter's message.

Mixing It Up: Creating a Seasonal Spotify Playlist for Your Parish

Enjoy a 2020s "mixtape" (as author Michelle Palmer describes it) as a community for the Easter season. Check out this article to learn how to make it happen. This project could be tailored to ministries with families, youth groups, college students, and adult groups of all ages as well.

Video Blessings: An Idea for COVID and Beyond

If your community is interested in a digital ministry offering for Easter, this article provides ideas and guidance in creating video blessings for church members to share with the congregation.

Easter Craft: Resurrection Butterflies

This article provides a simple craft that children can do to celebrate Easter, and it only requires 6 basic items plus water.

Burying & Raising the Alleluia Children's MomentsBurying & Raising the Alleluia Children's Moments







Download Illustrated Ministry's free Palm Frond Coloring Page:


Openings: Lent, 2022 invites participants to explore the same complex and challenging feelings Jesus experienced in his final days. Wonder Stations enables households or congregations to develop a Stations of the Cross for Good Friday that can be shared in homes, church buildings or outside.

Liturgies for Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Stations of the Cross (Good Friday), Easter Vigil, and Easter Morning are included!

SHC_March_blog Including Children in Holy Week

As we look ahead to Holy Week, this blog post from Jessica Davis explores ways to include children in these important services.


Yoga Devotions that pair texts for Palm Sunday, the Three Holy Days and Resurrection Sunday with movement and stretching.