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Racism: Young Adults & Adults: Home

books, videos, online resources for individual and group study/discussion on racism, antiracism and white supremacy culture

Where You'll Find What

Here you'll find materials for engaging your Young Adults and Adults in powerful conversations on race, racism, and white supremacy in the US.

To access individual pages, hover your cursor over the small arrow to the right of each tab and click on the desired drop-down.

Each page is organized with books at the top; blogs, podcasts and articles are in the first of three lower columns; websites are in the second and videos are in the third, when these resources are available.


  • History of Race in America: resources on the development of "race" as an American social construct
  • MLK and Civil Rights: reflections on and from Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. & the Civil Rights Movement
  • Past & Present: connections from the Civil Rights Movement to current movements and contexts


Current Contexts and Conversations

  • Antiracism: tools for intentional conversations about awareness and activism
  • Conversations about...: tips and starters for cultivating healthy conversations about race
  • Current Events & Movements: reflections on and about leaders and thinkers of our current movement toward racial equity
  • Policing/Prison/Voting Rights: witness to these central tenets in the struggle for racial equity
  • Science, Health & Environment: revealing the abusive pseudo-science of "race" and the disproportionate burden placed on BIPOC with regard to research, medical care and the environment
  • White Supremacy: tools for personal and communal learning, growth and dismantling of white supremacy culture


Spirituality, Identity and Healing

  • ...and Faith: identifying the ways faith has been both a catalyst for positive social change and an exclusionary force
  • ...and the Church: exploring the deep segregations and opportunities for reconciliation found in Christ's people
  • Intersectionality: amplifying the voices of people who identify in two or more ways with marginalized communities
  • Mindfulness and Personal Healing: linking spiritual practices with personal and communal forgiveness, reconciliation, healing and well-being
  • Preaching about...: guides for more prophetic preaching and preaching as resistance
  • Small Groups/Study Guides: curricula developed for deep, intimate conversations; includes guest speakers and trainings