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Anti-Racism: Adults: Conversations about...

books, videos, online resources for individual and group study/discussion on racism, antiracism and white supremacy culture


The Bodies Keep Coming: Dispatches from a Black Trauma Surgeon on Racism, Violence, and How We Heal                    go-back-thmb.png     How to Have Antiracist Conversations by Roxy Manning     Humanizing Immigration     Picture of I Take My Coffee Black     Innocent Until Proven Muslim: Islamophobia, the War on Terror, and the Muslim Experience Since 9/11     Invisible: Theology and the Experience of Asian American Women     Leading While Black: The Intersectionality of Race, Leadership, and God     Liberation and the Cosmos: Conversations with the Elders, Revised Edition     A Master Class on Being Human          Minor Feelings     N: My Encounter with Racism and the Forbidden Word in an American Classic     Necessary Risks: Challenges Privileged People Need to Face          Our Hidden Conversations | Book by Michele Norris | Official Publisher Page  | Simon & Schuster     Parenting with an Accent     The Price of the Ticket          Remember Me Now by Faitth Brooks     Rise Up by Ink & Willow     Shifting Climates, Shifting People (De La Torre)          A Space for Us          This Here Flesh by Cole Arthur Riley     Through the Lens of Whiteness     Transgressing Race     BL_WeRefuseToBeSilent_Cover_9781506491110c     

And listen to MPR's podcast with Beverly Daniel Tatum, PhD

Blogs, Podcasts & Articles

All Rev'd UpAll Rev'd Up

All Rev’d Up explores where faith intersects politics and culture. Rev. Irene Monroe and Rev. Emmett G. Price III come from different black faith perspectives, they’re of different generations, they hail from different parts of the country, and they come together in this podcast to talk about faith in a different way. They don’t always agree, but they always hear each other out. Dive into conversations around race, faith, and this week’s headlines with the Revs every other Wednesday. When something happens in the world, you want their take on it. All Rev’d Up is produced by WGBH.

The MN Annual Conference UMC's Rev. Dana Neuhauser offers this list of Books That Can Build Empathy for BIPOC Communities.

Before You Call the Cops' BLM video goes viral...again - YouTube

Tyler Merritt's Before You Call the Cops is powerful watching. Get to know him!


Dr. Raj Nadella reflects on The Sower and the Seed and Black Lives Matter.

Krista Tippet discusses Imagination and Fortitude with Jason Reynolds.

Critical Race Theory

Dr. Greg Carey shares an overview and insights in Critical Race Theory: Coming to Terms.

African American Policy Forum short film: The Unequal Opportunity Race


For Collard Girls is a journey, a conversation, and a podcast, that shares the unique, bold and beautiful narrative of womyn of color who are in spaces in the church, in the community, and in the world.

The Connectional podcast, hosted by Revs. Katy Lee and Laquaan Malachi and supported by the Minnesota Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church aims to help church leaders share stories and support one another; current episodes feature BIPOC voices.

Learning How to See: Brian McLaren & Jacqui Lewis with Richard Rohr

Krista Tippet explores being human and being white with John Biewen.

Conversation Groups

Disparity Trap: The Socially Conscious Board Game provides an easy way to have the hard conversations around race & privilege in America and how they impact society in systemically dominant (SD) and systemically non-dominant (SND) ways. The game play is like many of its kind, where your individual goal is to accrue as much wealth as possible. But where it differs is that you can have a team goal as well where you work with  your fellow players to dismantle the Disparity Traps seeking to keep everyone in poverty. Within this game you also step into someone else’s shoes; to experience the disparities within an identity different from your own. Throughout the game, the dice roll correlates your identity in the game to real life statistics.

So like life, the dice are in your hands, but the odds are not.

The Dept. of Public Safety, the MN Nat'l Guard and MN State Patrol, established Operation Safety Net, a central, reliable source to counteract misinformation during the trial of Derek Chauvin. Share accurate information with congregations to stay safe, connected and informed.


An Interactive Journal on Christian Social Justice

Their Racial Justice page is updated regularly with articles reflective of current events, issues, and practices.

The Ministry Lab is excited to share access to Rev. Jia Starr Brown's transformative series, Journey to Freedom: Embracing God's Cultural Mosaic of People. Along with diversity trainings, Bible studies, and book groups, the 2020 theme, Intersectionality, was brought to life by six guest preachers reflecting on John 4:4-26 (The Woman at the Well) and poetry and music from Minnesota-based artists.

LeaderWise Conversations on Race resume monthly, Monday, October 5 (4-6pm CST). Topics include: Changing Self, Changing Community, and Changing Systems. Each event will feature a guest speaker, time for reflection and conversations, and Q&A. The events are free and open to the public. Registration is open here. Save the dates and invite friends and colleagues to join you.

Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area's 2020-2021 Spiritual Pilgrimage

From September 2020-May 2021, journey together to deepen and strengthen capacities for the lifelong work of undoing systems of privilege and internalized racism.

See the introductory trailer here.

Rev. Rene August and The Work of the People community discuss films on race, power, and justice in the Creating Bigger Stores series.
Join the conversation at your convenience as Danielle Fanfair "cultivates" discussions open to all current TWOTP subscribers.


'Trouble the Water’ docuseries available to download

Film series serves as prompt for challenging conversations about race and racism



What Is Critical Race Theory and What Christians Should Know


  • GCORR REAL TALK video to learn more about Critical Race Theory

  • Critical Race Theory Infographic Series download

  • Christian Voices on Critical Race Theory
  • More Christian Perspectives (additional resources)
  • How White Christians Can Learn from Critical Race Theory
  • 10 Racial Justice Actions You Can Take This Week


Trouble the Water: Conversations to ´╗┐Disrupt Racism and Dominance

A documentary series resource produced by the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) for communities and congregations to facilitate conversation and engagement around the issues of race and racism.



The Centering the Silenced Summit featured 15 voices that have been historically marginalized and silenced. These humans answered one main question for us - what is the single greatest social or liberative challenge facing us, as Christians, at this time? During our chats, we spent some time breaking down their answer and looking at the critical and practical ways that the Church should respond.

HDS-Logo *Harvard Divinity School conversation: Cultural Appropriation in Neopagan and New Age Religion with Sabina Magliocco.


22 Race-Related Films That Will Make You Laugh, Cry, and Think Differently

BY Zenobia Jeffries Warfield

Research has shown that certain movies have caused social justice change, or simply inspired good things to happen.