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Anti-Racism: Adults: Current Events & Movements

books, videos, online resources for individual and group study/discussion on racism, antiracism and white supremacy culture


Black Lives Matter to Jesus: The Salvation of Black Life and All Life in Luke and Acts     The #BlackLivesMatter Movement          The Enneagram for Black Liberation: Return to Who You Are Beneath the Armor You Carry                    go-back-thmb.png     Picture of If God Still Breathes, Why Can't I?     Innocent Until Proven Muslim: Islamophobia, the War on Terror, and the Muslim Experience Since 9/11     Oak Flat by Lauren Redniss          The Path to a Livable Future: A New Politics to Fight Climate Change, Racism, and the Next Pandemic     Preparing for War: The Extremist History of White Christian Nationalism--and What Comes Next               Remember Me Now by Faitth Brooks          School Clothes      Something in the Water: A 21st Century Civil Rights Odyssey          Ten Lives, Ten Demands               Unbound     Unbroken and Unbowed     Until I Am Free          



What Is Critical Race Theory and What Christians Should Know


  • GCORR REAL TALK video to learn more about Critical Race Theory

  • Critical Race Theory Infographic Series download

  • Christian Voices on Critical Race Theory
  • More Christian Perspectives (additional resources)
  • How White Christians Can Learn from Critical Race Theory


United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities offers a list of Resources and Actions Amidst amidst the Chauvin Trialand the Death of Daunte Wright, including opportunities for Prayer/Meditation, Holding Memory, Changing Policies, Impacting Public Discourse, and Engaging Our Emotions.

SURJ-TC organizes white people to build the political will needed to end white supremacy through political education, direct action, self reflection, and community-building, and by following the example and leadership of BIPOC partners.

How to Mark Juneteenth in the Year 2020: The Intercept

Blogs, Podcasts & Articles


6 Tips for White People Who Want to Celebrate Black History

Here’s what you can do to authentically engage with Black History this month and every month.



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All Rev'd UpAll Rev'd Up

All Rev’d Up explores where faith intersects politics and culture. Rev. Irene Monroe and Rev. Emmett G. Price III come from different black faith perspectives, they’re of different generations, they hail from different parts of the country, and they come together in this podcast to talk about faith in a different way. They don’t always agree, but they always hear each other out. Dive into conversations around race, faith, and this week’s headlines with the Revs every other Wednesday. When something happens in the world, you want their take on it. All Rev’d Up is produced by WGBH.

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After Trayvon Martin

He would have turned 27 today. A look at how the teenager’s killing changed America — and inspired the Black Lives Matter movement.

Critical Race Theory

Dr. Greg Carey shares an overview and insights in Critical Race Theory: Coming to Terms.

The Difference Between First-Degree Racism and Third-Degree Racism: The Atlantic

From Freddie Gray To George Floyd: Wes Moore Says It's Time To 'Change The Systems': NPR

How God as Trinity Dissolves Racism: Sojourners w/ Richard Rohr


HDS-Logo *Harvard Divinity School conversation: Cultural Appropriation in Neopagan and New Age Religion with Sabina Magliocco.

African American Policy Forum short film: The Unequal Opportunity Race

Told by the activists and leaders who live and breathe this movement for justice, Whose Streets? is an unflinching look at the Ferguson uprising.

Tragedy in Philadelphia: Astonishingly gripping, LET THE FIRE BURN is a found-footage film that unfurls with the tension of a thriller.