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Anti-Racism: Adults: Intersectionality

books, videos, online resources for individual and group study/discussion on racism, antiracism and white supremacy culture


An African American and Latinx History of the United States     An Afro-Indigenous History of the United States     Before the Streetlights Come On: Black America’s Urgent Call for Climate Solutions     The #BlackLivesMatter Movement          A Black Women's History of the United States     Body Becoming: A Path to Our Liberation     Boomerang / Bumerán                A Disability History of the United States     Finding God on the Indian Road         Gods of Want book cover     Gonna Trouble the Water | Ecojustice, Water, and Environmental Racism (De La Torre)     Hood Feminism     Humanizing Immigration          Innocent Until Proven Muslim: Islamophobia, the War on Terror, and the Muslim Experience Since 9/11     The Intersectional Environmentalist     Intersectional Theology: An Introductory Guide     Invisible: Theology and the Experience of Asian American Women          Latinitas     Leading While Black: The Intersectionality of Race, Leadership, and God          Living Resistance: An Indigenous Vision for Seeking Wholeness Every Day:  Curtice, Kaitlin B.: 9781587435713: Books                         Plenty Good Room: Co-creating an Economy of Enough for All               25159334                         Remember Me Now by Faitth Brooks     Shifting Climates, Shifting People (De La Torre)     So We and Our Children May Live     Soil     Straight White Male Struggling in Good Faith: LGBTQI Inclusion from 13 American  Religious Perspectives (9781594736025): Copeland MTS, Mychal, Rose BCC,  D'vorah, Zonneveld, Ani, Robinson, Bishop Gene: Books          Transgressing Race          Unbossed: How Black Girls Are Leading the Way     Unbound     United States of Grace: A Memoir of Homelessness, Addiction, Incarceration, and Hope     Unsettling: Surviving Extinction Together     Until I Am Free     With Her Fist Raised     #SayHerName

Blogs, Podcasts & Articles

What Women’s Suffrage Owes to Indigenous Culture


AUG 19, 2020


Illustrations by Cindy Echevarria and Jessica Bogac-Moore. From Chronicle Books.


For Indigenous Peoples, Abortion Is a Religious Right

by Abaki Beck & Rosalyn Lapier; Yes! Magazine

The Feminist Press - Advancing Women's Rights & Feminist Perspectives -  Durland Alternatives Library

Audre Lorde's The Uses of Anger (Women's Studies Quarterly) is essential reading.

The Intersectionality Wars by Jane Coaston


For Collard Girls is a journey, a conversation, and a podcast, that shares the unique, bold and beautiful narrative of womyn of color who are in spaces in the church, in the community, and in the world.


Barbara A. Holmes' film series with The Work of the People: A Transcendent Leap (on our cosmic identities), Womanist Theology, Release the Fire (on Pentecost and the Spirit), Be the Mystery, Emerging Wholeness (on God's call to love our neighbor), A Contemplative Moment (on how contemplative prayer births prophetic proclamation and action).

The Ministry Lab is excited to share access to Rev. Jia Starr Brown's transformative series, Journey to Freedom: Embracing God's Cultural Mosaic of People. Along with diversity trainings, Bible studies, and book groups, the 2020 them, Intersectionality, was brought to life by six guest preachers reflecting on John 4:4-26 (The Woman at the Well) and poetry and music from Minnesota-based artists.

As she fights the tide of violence against trans women, activist Victoria Cruz probes the suspicious 1992 death of her friend Marsha P. Johnson.

Trybal Pastor, Rev. Kwame Pitts, womanist pastor of Bethlehem Lutheran Church, New Orleans, 

Rituals of Resistance or Coming out of the Spiritual Closet: Healing from Trauma and Oppression through the Lens of Womanist Theology and at the Intersection of Dualistic Faith

In Our Library

     Braiding Sweetgrass for Young Adults     Intersectional Theology: An Introductory Guide     Reclaiming Two-Spirits     36854706. sy475      To Be A Water Protector