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Anti-Racism: Adults: White Supremacy

books, videos, online resources for individual and group study/discussion on racism, antiracism and white supremacy culture


Against Civility          Black Suffering: Silent Pain, Hidden Hope     A Brown Girl's Epiphany: Reclaim Your Intuition and Step into Your Power     Can "White" People Be Saved?     Confronting Whiteness: A Spiritual Journey of Reflection, Conversation, and Transformation     The Darkness Divine     Do Better     Fat Church | Claiming a Gospel of Fat Liberation (Kidd)               How to Have Antiracist Conversations by Roxy Manning     Picture of If God Still Breathes, Why Can't I?     Just Us          Me and White Supremacy          Nice Racism     Not "a Nation of Immigrants"     Preparing for War: The Extremist History of White Christian Nationalism--and What Comes Next          Shoutin' in the Fire by Danté Stewart     A Space for Us          Straight White Male     Through the Lens of Whiteness     BL_Trash_Cover_9781506486277c     Unsettling: Surviving Extinction Together          White Borders                    Picture of White Too Long     The Writing on the Wall

Blogs, Podcasts & Articles

Picture Dr. Tema Okun's [divorcing] White Supremacy Culture is a 'much needed remix' of her 1999 article "White Supremacy Culture", in which she introduced the 15 Characteristics of White Supremacy Culture - among numerous other essential elements for cultural transformation.


Deradicalization in the Deep South: How a former neo-Nazi Makes Amends

Shannon Martinez, right, does her deradicalization work at home on a phone, surrounded by her family, including daughter Jane Foley.

YES! Photos by Sara Wise

BY DJ Cashmere

 Embrace Race offers a number of resources:

  • toolkits for study and teaching
  • support for adults caring for children (and others) affected by racialized trauma
  • podcasts and webinars to empower and encourage all ages in meeting white nationalism, white supremacy, and racialized violence

Diana Butler Bass wonders about Homeland Security? Faith, patriotism, and exile - and the need for a better spirituality of country.

Church Anew

Walter Brueggemann reflects on Discriminatory Gaslighting in biblical contexts and how it has served and supported white supremacy culture.

This 2019 podcast series documents the 1965 murder of Rev. James Reeb in Selma, Alabama. Three men were tried and acquitted, but no one was ever held to account. Fifty years later, two journalists from Alabama return to the city where it happened, expose the lies that kept the murder from being solved and uncover a story about guilt and memory that says as much about America today as it does about the past. The podcast is available on all major podcasts apps.

Krista Tippet explores being human and being white with John Biewen.


Padraig O Tuama reads Meleika Gesa-Fatafehi's poem, Say My Name and discusses it's ramifications for personal history, identity, belonging and awareness - and the many ways these can be stripped by people who dismiss or mispronounce other's names.


The Lost Cause

by David Freudberg on April 13, 2023 / Progressive Christianity

Are we still living with the racial divide left over from the Civil War? This provocative audio documentary explores the history of a conflict that nearly tore America apart.

Arnold-Hate-Love.jpgArnold Schwarzenegger reflects on a visit to Auschwitz, urging people to 'do the hard work' and 'conquer their mind', to resist hatred and marginalization of all kinds.

White Fragility and the (Christian) Faith is a conversation with Rev. Dr. John Dorhauer (Gen. Minister and President of the UCC), Tricia Lytle, Cameron Trimble, and Steve Morgan about white fragility and the Christian faith.


White Fatigue: Authored and narrated by Robe Imbriano and executive produced and creative directed by BigStar’s Josh Norton.

[See also: What Is White Fatigue?]

Deconstructing White Privilege with Dr. Robin DiAngelo


White Too Long: A Webinar with Robert Jones from the Anderson Forum for Progressive Theology



White Privilege Let's Talk: A Resource for Transformational Dialogue

In Our Library

The Antiracist Heart by Roxy Manning and Sarah Peyton     How to Have Antiracist Conversations by Roxy Manning