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Anti-Racism: Adults: Science, Health & Environment

books, videos, online resources for individual and group study/discussion on racism, antiracism and white supremacy culture


Bipolar Faith: A Black Woman's Journey with Depression and Faith     The Bodies Keep Coming: Dispatches from a Black Trauma Surgeon on Racism, Violence, and How We Heal          The Enneagram for Black Liberation: Return to Who You Are Beneath the Armor You Carry     Reconsider the Lilies: Challenging Christian Environmentalism's Colonial Legacy          Under the Skin     Unsettling: Surviving Extinction Together

Blogs, Podcasts & Articles

Abundant CommunityWe Hold Medicine for Each Other – A Conversation about Race

By Quanita RobersonTenneson Woolf

In this podcast, Quanita Roberson and Tenneson Woolf explore the dimensions of race, including how the wounds of colonization live on in all of us, how to own your work while compassionately allowing others to do theirs, and the promise that this deeper path can hold for true freedom.

Video & Webinars

 from PBS

Racism: The Ultimate Underlying Condition - webinar (recorded June 9, 2020 2:00-3:30 p.m. ETD) examines racism and its historic and present-day impact on health and well-being. Presenters: identify the multiple levels on which racism operates; describe the physiological impacts of racism and discrimination on health; and explore the principles for and barriers to achieving health equity.

is not only a fantastic book, the trailer, in and of itself, is a beautiful contemplative practice - great for prayer-time!

In Our Library

Becoming Kin: An Indigenous Call to Unforgetting the Past and Reimagining Our Future          Braiding Sweetgrass for Young Adults               Tending the Soil, 24page zine     To Be A Water Protector