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Congregational Life: Social Justice: Banned Books

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Welcome to our Banned Books lib guide.

Here you'll find the titles of every book we have in our physical lending library that is listed on either The American Library Association's 10 Most Challenged Books lists or on the website of a key book banning organization, No Left Turn in Education.

We include other titles from these lists - and links to their publishers or purchasing sites - to ensure easy access to titles we do not have on hand. If you would like us to purchase one for you to borrow, let us know!

We are glad and proud to share these books freely with congregations interested in supporting the authors and communities represented here.

In Our Library - Racism

Antiracist Baby Picture Book by Ibram X. Kendi     The Hate U Give     How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi     Melissa          Sex is a Funny Word     So You Want to Talk About Race               This Book Is Anti-Racist Zoomed Image     

In Our Library - Sexuality & Identity


Other Banned Book Lists

Who Is Beating Back Book Bans?

Amidst a rising tide of anti-LGBTQ book bans, activists, authors, and librarians are organizing to make sure LGBTQ stories are still heard.

Social Justice Books offers this list of 'critically reviewed selection of multicultural and social justice books for children, young adults, and educators'. The list if broken into Elementary, Middle School, High School, Educators, and Not Recommended (though we disagree about some of these).

Book Bans and Native Voices

Marshall Libraries Banned Books 2022 [Marshall University (Huntington, WV ) does not ban books.]

Rainbow Book List

More CSE Books K-5

More CSE Books Middle School

50 Books Parents Want Banned in Texas

Other Listed Books - Racism & Policing

​​​​​​To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

*Reasons: Banned and challenged for racial slurs and their negative effect on students, featuring a “white savior” character, and its perception of the Black experience

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

*Reasons: Banned and challenged for racial slurs and racist stereotypes, and their negative effect on students

Activist     reynolds     Blended     11337     caste     chocolate-me     book2     tajon     Dear Justyce     Dear Martin     front-desk     ghost-boys     ramee     thomas     jones    Screen Shot 2021-09-01 at 8.04.58 PM     kids-book      me-and-white          gragg     not-my-idea     on-privilege     Our Skin     pedagogy of the oppressed     A People's History of the US     The Price of Nice     RaceCars     town     Together we stand     coles     what is privilege     woke     work-baby     Yaqui     A Young People's History of the US     murdertrending