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Congregational Life: Social Justice: Israel & Palestine

online and in-person connections for service and justice work


The Israel/Palestine conflict has been raging since Israel's nationalization in 1948. It is a complex and far-ranging issue, with enormous international implications.

Discussions can be emotional, spiritual, political, and intellectual. Here are resources to touch on all the salient points to increase awareness and understanding.

Other Resource Lists

15 Books to Read to Better Understand the Modern History of Israel-Palestine

For resources on the modern history of Israel / Palestine, see this list of readings compiled by associate editor of Alma, Emily Burack.

Blogs, Podcasts, & Articles

In Real Christian Talk about Israel and the Palestinians, Dr. Greg Carey asserts that, "Despite the media’s efforts to promote over-simplified narratives, it’s possible for us to hold multiple truths in tension with one another. Let us not grow weary in our insistence upon justice for the Palestinians."

Judicatory Responses to Recent Conflict

"We call for an immediate ceasefire:" Palestine, Israel, and the Complicity of U.S. Christianity.

After several weeks of increased tension in Israel/Palestine, coinciding with the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, the Israeli government and Hamas agreed to a ceasefire on 5/21/22. United released a statement in solidarity with Palestinians and Israelis and acknowledging the particular complicity of American Christianities in the conflict. Read United's statement here.