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Congregational Life: Social Justice: Arts, Protest, & Justice

online and in-person connections for service and justice work


Find books, curricula, prayer, music, and worship elements (including a full sermon), and community organizations and businesses grouped to help congregations take next steps in antiracism work, creation care, and addressing intergenerational mental health and well-being in the WaterThreads - Woven Together: Water, Community, Well-Being. Available online and via requested download for member congregations - who should email: - for access.

Graffiti of Lament: An Activity for Finding Hope in Art

How can we invite all generations to come together and engage honestly in conversations regarding loss and grief? How can ministry leaders assist people of all ages to engage in lament as an act of worship rooted in Christian hope? Here is a short activity that can be adapted for any group, or for individuals, as we learn to bring our lament honestly, openly to God and to one another.

The Bittersweet Story of the Real-Life Peaceful Bull Who Inspired Munro Leaf and Robert Lawson’s Ferdinand

A journey to the abyss between the real world and the ideal world, and a romp across our mightiest bridge between the two.

By Maria Popova for The Marginalian

ArtBright-Logo.pngArtist Paula Decker Bender is a trained artist educator who has worked with the Central Minnesota Arts Board to create a curriculum the features Black American Artists and their work in protest art.

Matthew Fox explores Art, Interdependence, Compassion, the Feminine by visiting three female artists committed to restoring the feminine aspect to counteract toxic masculinity, which Fox believes is at the root of most of Western ills. 

Different things move different people, and who better to know how to move people than an artist?

From short videos to influencing Hollywood storylines, a new climate-related project is empowering BIPOC artists to take the lead on storytelling.

Illustration by Dusan Stankovic/Getty Images

By Breanna Draxler & Kate Schimel

In A Time For Reckoning: North American Christianity and Indigenous Cultural GenocideMike Morrell offers a call to awareness, humility, repentance, and action; includes resource lists for reading/study; supporting, enjoying and learning from Indigenous artists; and specific actions for individuals, households, and congregations.

Visual Arts

The Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theater is developing a Puppet and Mask Lending Library.

Learn more about it and how to rent puppets or masks to utilize in protests or sit-ins here.

Donate to the lending library efforts here.

Richard Rohr lifts up numerous contemplative artists reflecting on arts, contemplation, and justice work, in Finding god in the Arts, which ran August 15-20, 2021.

In Our Library

Tending the Soil, 24page zine     Illustration by


Cover Image     Fight Like Jesus     Odetta     Imagining Our Neighbors as Ourselves: How Art Shapes Empathy          Rise Up! The Art of Protest          Look Inside Three Lines in a Circle     We Are Better Together