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Contemplative Practices: Contemplative Activism

resources to support contemplative beginners and adepts, including individuals, families, small groups and congregational practices

Local Resources



The Minnesota Council of Churches Healing Minnesota Stories provide group Sacred Sites Tour to Explore Indigenous Experience in Minnesota. These tours are designed to "create understanding and healing between Native American and non-Native people, particularly those in various faith communities".

Tours are led by Rev. Jim Bear Jacobs (Mohican) and Bob Klanderud (Dakota). The tours offer an opportunity to learn about Minnesota history from a Native perspective through story-telling and experiencing the sites in silence / meditation / reflection.

Upcoming Tour Dates


United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities offers a list of Resources and Actions Amidst amidst the Chauvin Trialand the Death of Daunte Wright, including opportunities for Prayer/Meditation, Holding Memory, Changing Policies, Impacting Public Discourse, and Engaging Our Emotions.


Church of the Wild: How Nature Invites Us into the Sacred     Crisis Contemplation: Healing the Wounded Village     Do Better     Do Nothing by Celeste Headlee     Faith, Class, and Labor     Feed the Wolf: Befriending Our Fears in the Way of Saint Francis     How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy: Odell, Jenny:  9781612197494: Books          On Love and Mercy     Picture of The Peace Project     Image result for praying with our feet     Cover for Sacred Earth, Sacred Soul     The Seeker and the Monk: Everyday Conversations with Thomas Merton     Staying Awake: The Gospel for Changemakers     Today Everything Is Different: An Adventure in Prayer and Action

This beautiful picture book teaches kids to connect with themselves, with others, and with nature

Websites & Webinars



Lift Every Voice: Contemplative Writers of Color Book Club offers monthly conversation on the Christian Mystical Tradition. Join Abbey of the Arts for a monthly conversation on how increasing our diversity of perspectives on contemplative practice can enrich our understanding and experience of the Christian mystical tradition.

This free series is a conversation between Christine Valters Paintner and author Claudia Love Mair. Read the book in advance and actively join this "journey of deepening, discovery, and transformation".

Learn more here.

Engaging Christianities and Socialisms — The Wendland-Cook Program in  Religion and Justice

Register for upcoming webinars here.

Watch previous webinars here.

Blogs, Podcasts, & Articles


Four prayers for social justice, change, and working for the common good.

The Cosmic We podcast goes beyond race and racism to consider relatedness as the organizing principle of the universe, exploring our shared cosmic origins though a cultural lens that fuses science, mysticism, spirituality, and the creative arts. Together with prominent cosmologists, shamans, biblical scholars, poets and activists, CAC core teacher Barbara Holmes and co-host Donny Bryant unveil the “we” of us beyond color, continent, country, or kinship to conjure unseen futures in exploration of the mystery of Divine connection.

You can listen and subscribe to The Cosmic We with Barbara Holmes through Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify or any podcast player of your preference.

Richard Rohr lifts up numerous contemplative artists reflecting on arts, contemplation, and justice work, in Finding god in the Arts, which ran August 15-20, 2021.

Learning How to See with Brian McLaren

In season two of the podcast Learning How to See, we are invited to confront the host of biases that prevent us from connecting more deeply with ourselves and one another. Listen and discover how seeing is social, political, and contemplative.

Barbara Holmes reflects on Crisis Contemplation, in When Crisis Comes and Crisis Contemplation; trauma researcher Joy DeGruy adds Healing Generational Wounds - all worth a read for those concerned about the extent of body trauma experienced generationally by our siblings of color and diversity; and being absorbed by all of us in these times of upheaval.

enfleshed's Contemplating Now podcast is great all the time.

This interview with Cassidy Hall on her work on the intersection of contemplation and Social justice is particularly good.

Richard Rohr asks leaders to become - or make room for - Becoming Wise Fools.

His Earth Day reflection, One Life, One Breath, features Native American attorney and sacred activist, Sherri Mitchell.

Sharing Felicia Murrell's Silence in Trauma and Healing week.

The theme of "Oneness", (May 23-28, 2021), culminated in Action Based on Oneness, citing contemporary mystic and activist-inspirer, Howard Thurman.

Practices via Video


Barbara A. Holmes' film series with The Work of the People: A Transcendent Leap (on our cosmic identities), Womanist Theology, Release the Fire (on Pentecost and the Spirit), Be the Mystery, Emerging Wholeness (on God's call to love our neighbor), A Contemplative Moment (on how contemplative prayer births prophetic proclamation and action).