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Spiritual Practices: Labyrinths

resources to support contemplative beginners and adepts, including individuals, families, small groups and congregational practices


Labyrinth StickersIllustrated Ministry's Labyrinth Stickers feature a labyrinth on a dark blue celestial background. Around the circle are instructions for using the labyrinth: Trace inward, release distractions. Pause in the center, receive peace. Trace outward, return renewed.

There are many ways to use these stickers:

  • Share them with your congregation and encourage them to use the labyrinth each day during Lent as a spiritual practice.
  • Give them to youth and college students on a retreat.
  • Give them to new visitors of your church as a gift.

Sprouting.jpgLisa Gidlow Moriarty at Paths of Peace offers numerous labyrinths for weekly rental; several are simple and child-friendly.

An Illustrated Labyrinth Meditation: Ash Wednesday     

The Labyrinth Society has a page of resources specifically for children.





Area Labyrinths


The Minnesota Labyrinth Network (MLN) is a group of labyrinth enthusiasts, designers, writers, artists, clergy and facilitators who live in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin and whose common link is the desire to share the labyrinth with others.

Well-Fed Spirit offers this map of North America which will locate a labyrinth near you.

Veriditas Connect — LLP

Verditas and The Labyrinth Society have teamed up to share a world-wide labyrinth locator!

Church of St Francis Cabrini has a 50' Chartres Cathedral labyrinth in their parking lot. Walking is free to the public.

Constructing Labyrinths

Cindy Pavlinac Photography | Winter Labyrinth in Snow

Build a snow labyrinth! Ariadne’s Thread is likely the easiest for snow construction.

The Labyrinth Society offers directions for labyrinth-making, indoors or out.


Laying out a Labyrinth suggests simple ways to create a temporary labyrinth indoors or out.

See The Ministry Lab's Create an Outdoor Labyrinth and/or Create a Snow Labyrinth! Great Ideas on building a labyrinth as an intergenerational community project.

Other Resources

man with sneakers and cuffed pants walks along the road lined with graffiti covered wallsTake a walk with God

Prayer walking can be a great way to get outside and connect with God and your community. Here’s some advice for turning a regular stroll into a means of discipleship.

Try prayer walking.

ImageWalking the Labyrinth: A Spiritual Practice with the Four Paths [of Creation Spirituality]

a reflection by Matthew Fox, retelling the practicer of labyrinth practitioner, Mary Ann Wamhoff.

Download desktop finger labyrinths from The Labyrinth Society and photos from The Wellfed Spirit.


Use this 3” vinyl sticker to help you find a moment of peace wherever you are.

MoriartyCanvasChartres_CHfr_150508_13webheader.jpgLisa Gidlow Moriarty at Paths of Peace offers numerous labyrinths for weekly rental.

Veriditas Connect — LLPNew to the Labyrinth? is an introduction to labyrinths and labyrinth walking.

Volunteer Opportunity: Labyrinth Stones | Calendar of Events | City of  Plymouth, MNJeff Saward's The Story of the Labyrinth gives a helpful brief history of labyrinths and differentiates between labyrinths and mazes.



In Our Library

Creative Ideas for Alternative Sacramental Worship     Cover Christian Prayer and Labyrinths: Pathways to Faith, Hope, and Love by Jill K H Geoffrion     Paperback Exploring the Labyrinth: A Guide for Healing and Spiritual Growth Book     Cover The Labyrinth and the Enneagram: Circling into Prayer by Jill K H Geoffrion     Cover Labyrinth and the Song of Songs by Jill K H Geoffrion     Picture of Labyrinths from the Outside in     Cover Pondering the Labyrinth: Questions to Pray on the Path by Jill K H Geoffrion     Praying the Labyrinth | A Journal for Spiritual Exploration (Hartwell Geoffrion)     The Sacred Path Companion by Lauren Artress               The Way of the Labyrinth by Helen Curry

Chartres Replica™The Ministry Lab has three large indoor labyrinths, including:

These are available to rent for member congregations by the week or month.

Contact Director Emily Meyer for details and to reserve a labyrinth for your congregation.