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Spiritual Practices: Leader Renewal

resources to support contemplative beginners and adepts, including individuals, families, small groups and congregational practices

Retreats & Seminars

Morning Grounding is "a weekly touchstone that includes singing, silence, sacred text, and community connection". (Mondays, 9:00-9:45 AM CDT) via zoom.

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Wood & Water offer online retreats throughout the year on topics addressing current events and issues.

Books & Downloads

3000 Miles to Jesus: Pilgrimage as a Way of Life for Spiritual Seekers          Becoming Rooted: One Hundred Days of Reconnecting with Sacred Earth     Been in the Struggle               Bread for the Day: Daily Bible Readings and Prayers, Year B 2021               Dear Anxiety, Let's Break Up: 40 Devotions to Conquer Worry and Fear     The Upper Room Disciplines 2022     Do Nothing by Celeste Headlee     Eternal Heart: The Mystical Path to a Joyful Life     Every Thing is Sacred     Feed the Wolf: Befriending Our Fears in the Way of Saint Francis     Finding Refuge     Good Enough by Kate Bowler and Jessica Richie     Heart Medicine by Radhule Weininger     How Not to Be Afraid: Seven Ways to Live When Everything Seems Terrifying     I Am Diosa     I Want to Live These Days with You     In Good Time: 8 Habits for Reimagining Productivity, Resisting Hurry, and  Practicing Peace: Michel, Jen Pollock: 9781540900548: Books     Ladder to the Light: An Indigenous Elder's Meditations on Hope and Courage     Listening to the Heart of Genesis          The Peacemaker's Path: Multifaith Reflections to Deepen Your Spirituality     Practice the Pause: Jesus' Contemplative Practice, New Brain Science, and What It Means to Be Fully Human     Practicing     Reclaiming Rest: The Promise of Sabbath, Solitude, and Stillness in a Restless World               This Here Flesh by Cole Arthur Riley     The Universal Christ (Paperback)     Companion Guide for Individuals ~ The Universal Christ     Wake Up to Wonder: 22 Invitations to Amazement in the Everyday: Karen  Wright Marsh: 9781587435805 -     What Makes You Come Alive: A Spiritual Walk with Howard Thurman          You Should Leave Now: Going on Retreat to Find Your Way Back to Yourself

Blogs, Podcasts & Articles

man with sneakers and cuffed pants walks along the road lined with graffiti covered wallsTake a walk with God

Prayer walking can be a great way to get outside and connect with God and your community. Here’s some advice for turning a regular stroll into a means of discipleship.

Try prayer walking.

The Center for Mindful Self-Compassion offers 10 Self-Compassion Practices for the Crisis in Ukraine.


We Conspire is a monthly email from the Center for Action and Contemplation featuring wisdom and stories from the emerging Christian contemplative movement and alternative orthodoxy.

Learn more and sign up here.

Auckland Diocese Anglican priest Jemma Allen offers a few words on developing self-compassion, and with it Kindness.

Rev. Dr. Cameron Trimble encourages leaders to develop a practice of prayer.

Westminster Presbyterian Church

Westminster Presbyterian Church's Thin Places, is a quarterly ecumenical newsletter of writings and individual, small group and congregational prayer opportunities.

Poetry Unbound, with Padraig O'Tuama, returns for a second season with six new poems and reflections. Subscribe to Poetry Unbound on Apple PodcastsSpotifyGoogle PodcastsOvercast, or wherever you listen.


Learn About Brother David Steindl-Rast - Gratefulness.orgTed Talk: “Want to be happy? Be Grateful" with Brother David Steindl-Rast, a monk and interfaith scholar, who suggests we stop, look, and find a reason for gratitude in every situation.

Download Here | Loving-Kindness Meditation

Find a variety of free practices and more information on self-compassion here.

Dr. Kristin Neff offers free Tips for PracticesGuided Meditations, and Self-Compassion Exercises

Regular & Online Groups


Benedictine CARE integrates Contemplative Practices, the Benedictine Monastic Heritage, and Therapeutic Lifestyle Programming.

Old habits, choices we no longer want to make, over indulgences, and living within a loud culture all amplify internal static that makes it almost impossible to hear, to listen, to our embodied true selves.

Monthly gatherings are enrolling at all times for both in-person and online participation.


Learn more and register here.

In Our Library

25 Books Every Christian Should Read: A Guide to the Essential Spiritual  Classics (A Renovare Resource): Julia L. Roller: 9780060841430:  Books               Bless This Home By William R. Nirote Cover Image     DeepeningEngagementCover.png           The Gift to Listen, the Courage to Hear     Cover Image     In the Sanctuary of Women     A Praying Congregation: The Art of Teaching Spiritual Practice  -     By: Jane E. Vennard     Refill: Meditations for Leading with Wisdom, Peace, and Joy  -     By: Kirk Byron Jones     Sabbath by Wayne Muller     Sabbath_as_Resistance     Sabbath Keeping          9781578950218: Spirit Windows: A Handbook of Spiritual Growth Resources for Leaders     Spiritual Companioning: A Guide to Protestant Theology and Practice  -     By: Angela H. Reed, Richard Osmer, Marcus G. Smucker     SPIRITUAL PRACTICES FOR EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP     Cover Image     20 Ways to Keep Sabbath - Schaper, Donna