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Pastoral Care: Personal Care for Care-Givers

hotlines, guidelines and crisis intervention contacts; and support for pastoral care for children, tweens, teens, families, differently abled persons, elders and folks with memory concerns; including mindfulness, personal care and volunteer support


Welcome to The Ministry Lab's curated list of resources to encourage pastoral care providers to engage in needed self-care. Here you'll find:

  • Books & Downloads - to develop awareness and cultivate personal time and space
  • Blogs, Podcasts & Articles - for moments of encouragement and support
  • Websites & Curricula - to develop personal awareness and growth
  • Videos & Webinars - for sustenance and encouragement

If you don't find a resource to fit your need, don't hesitate to consult with The Ministry Lab's director, Emily Meyer, who is happy to assist you.

Books, Downloads & Journals

     Beside Still Waters: Favorite Prayers, Poems, and Scriptures to Calm the Soul     The Conscious Enneagram: How to Move from Typology to Transformation     The Deepest Belonging: A Story about Discovering Where God Meets Us Cover Image     Do Nothing by Celeste Headlee                         Let the Light In     Pastoral Imagination: Bringing the Practice of Ministry to Life     Peanut Butter and Dragon Wings     The Rhythm of Compassion: Caring for Self, Connecting with Society: Straub,  Gail: 9780963032737: Books     Picture of Signs of Hope          Transforming Loneliness: Deepening Our Relationships with God and Others  When We Feel Alone: Graham, Ruth, Lambert, Cindy: 9780801094279: Books     You Don't Owe Anyone: Free Yourself from the Weight of Expectations     You Should Leave Now: Going on Retreat to Find Your Way Back to Yourself



Blogs, Podcasts & Articles

Joseph Yoo of MinistryMatters wonders about Pastor's Office Hours: Time to Cut Back?

Dr. Stephanie Buckhanon Crowder shares Choose Yourself... Sometimes, a treatise on "Covid's coercion to come, sit, and rest awhile".

Person in deep imagination

Episode 84: “Cultivating and Nurturing the Pastoral Imagination” featuring Eileen Campbell-Reed

What is pastoral imagination? And how can it be nurtured by clergy and laity? We speak with Eileen Campbell-Reed about how clergy can cultivate and nurture pastoral imagination in order to address conflict, experience joy, and develop a deep, wise knowing.

Convergence Director of Research & Development, Anna Hall, asks, Where Are All the Clergy Going? and encourages clergy to participate in Convergences consulting, coaching, and conflict transformation training.

~ing Podcast Episode 40: Pastoring during the Pandemic

Five pastors who have ministered during the pandemic sit down to discuss leading, growing, and being as people of God navigating a global pandemic together.


The Being Here podcast explores real world issues and topics important to faith community professionals. In "Overcoming Compassion Fatigue”, host Rev. Melissa Pohlman and Mayo Clinic hospital chaplain, Rev. Corrine Thul, discuss strategies for caring for yourself while caring for others in difficult times.

Rest Supports Grieving: Grief Rituals blog post from April 8, 2020 by Tricia Hersey - read it!!!

contributor Rev. Julia, from Faith, Grace, and Hope: Thoughts on What It Means to Be a Traveler on the Way of Jesus, illuminates clergy sorrow in I Am Not Afraid. I Am Heartbroken. Sharing it with your congregation may facilitate helpful conversations.

shares two posts on care-giving: Parker Palmer’s The Gift of Presence, the Perils of Advice and How to Reach Out to Someone Who Is Struggling by Omid Safi. Both are excellent reads both for pastoral care providers and for volunteer visitors.

(fb) hosts Leading Ideas, a semi-regular blog on current topics (including Pastoral Care in the Coronavirus Crisis), helps in finding resources, and offers online resources at a discount.

Websites & Curricula

Improv Therapy Group

Improv Therapy Group has developed a curriculum specifically for members of the clergy. The class uses improv to explore emotional intelligence, resilience, and increased creativity. The concepts will assist with your work with congregants as well as co-workers.

All classes meet on ZOOM.



Rev. Karen Hutt of United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities is offering The Ministry Lab member leaders an opportunity to receive ACPE-certified CPE credits. Extended units begin in September, 2021; three unites per year, each with a specific focus.

  • Public Chaplaincy: Care in the Public Square (online and local Twin Cities) - Sept. 2021 - Jan. 2022
  • Rural Chaplaincy: Care in Towns and Agricultural Regions (online) - Feb. 2022 - June 2022
  • TBD - June 2022 - Sept. 2022

Applications and further information are available through Rev. Karen Hutt (

Rev. Karen Hutt, VP for Student Formation, Vocation and Innovation and Chaplain of United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities has room available for leaders in need of CPE units or accreditation. Contact Rev. Hutt directly at for more information and to enroll.

is all about caring for pastoral care providers. They have numerous opportunities for self-care, personal growth, new learning and more, including:

  • Renewing Leadership: A cohort-based group facilitated by certified coaches Deborah Rundlett and Okokon Udo, Renewing Leadership includes a 360 assessment and a 1-on-1 coaching session.

  • UnMasking Discovery: A Journey of Identity, Voice, and Impact: a journey of social action and personal transformation in which you are invited to examine the masks you’ve had, to re-discover your authentic self, and to create a new way of being in the world.

  • A second series of Conversations on Race focusing on the topics of Changing Self, Changing Community, and Changing Systems.

  • Clergy Consultation Groups: confidential space to share wisdom, learn from each other, exchange ideas, and process experiences of ministry during the pandemic; facilitated by experienced LeaderWise staff. Groups will meet for eight sessions either weekly, every other week, or monthly.

  • Beyond: The Art & Soul of Re-Creation: a four-month learning community intended for pastors and leaders, circles of five to eight, committed to valuing and fostering personal and social transformation within self, congregation, and community; a fourfold focus seeks to honor the shared wisdom, intelligence, and creativity toward embracing our changing culture with care.



Convergence offers both On-Demand Learning (including FaithLead’s, National Faith Leaders Reflect on a Global Pandemic and Being Grateful in Difficult Times: An Online Journey with Barbara Butler Bass) and Executive Coaching for congregational leaders.


ConseCrate Subscription Box

A monthly gift box created and curated exclusively for women in ministry!

Bearing Witness offers resources for supporting whistleblowers in the workplace, governmental agencies, and congregational settings.

Video & Webinars

Being Church Today is Church Anew's new video series addressing practical challenges facing churches in 2021. Episode 1 features Vern Christopherson, Directing Pastor at Zumbro Lutheran Church, on clergy exhaustion and burnout and how to take care of yourself and your staff for the long haul.

The Academy: PC(USA) offers Pastoral Care Academy: reflect on what it means to provide pastoral care in a variety of settings and concerns.

Led by long-time hospital chaplain and current Marriage and Family Counselor, Rev. Lisa Watson.

Register / find additional information

Feb. 1 - March 8, 2021

Join Jody Thone Jan. 8, 15, and/or 22 from 10-11:30 a.m. to look at Kristin Neff's three components of compassion: Jan. 8: Kindness vs. Judgment / Jan. 15: Common Humanity vs. Isolation / Jan. 22: Mindfulness vs. Over-Identification. Register here

hosted by award-winning Harvard Medical School psychologist Susan David, offers strategies to help us cope with our heightened emotions during the pandemic.

shared Building Resilience webinars for faith leaders

is a free seven-part on-demand video teaching series from Carey Nieuwhof.

for personal growth and continuing education pertinent to COVID-19 days and beyond.

The Wellness Recovery Action Plan® or WRAP® is a prevention and wellness process anyone can use to get well, and stay well. Create your own wellness plan in this online seminar. Registration is required.

Worship for Worship Leaders


The Ministry Lab's 2021 Summer Worship Series features three excellent preachers and a beautiful team of current United Theological Seminary students giving voice to the diversity of identities and contexts of The Ministry Lab's supporting congregations.

We are grateful for our judicatory leaders and offer these three services as a gift, hopeful that they enable clergy, faith formation, and worship leaders to take a much needed break once, twice, or thrice over the course of this summer.

Preachers and liturgists include:

May: Staying Awake - Reflecting on the Garden of Gethsemane

  • Rev. Tyler Sit, New City Church, South Minneapolis (UMC)
  • Elizabeth O'Sullivan, United Seminarian
  • Marshall Sartain, United Seminarian



  • Rev. Jia Starr Brown, First Covenant Church, Minneapolis (Non-Denominational)
  • Chance Martinez-Colon, United Seminarian


Recognizing that worship formats vary across the state, all three services will be available in video and print form - use as best fits your setting!

These are free resources for member congregations. Learn about membership here.

Check here for additional leaders and links!