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Pastoral Care: Sabbath & Rest

hotlines, guidelines and crisis intervention contacts; and support for pastoral care for children, tweens, teens, families, differently abled persons, elders and folks with memory concerns; including mindfulness, personal care and volunteer support


Welcome to The Ministry Lab's curated list of resources to support Sabbath observations.

Scroll down to find:

  • Books for Adults and Children & Families
  • Websites
  • Blogs, Podcasts, & Articles
  • Downloadable resources and specific Practices
  • Studies & Books In Our Library

Leaders may also find support for Sabbath as self-care in our Boundaries & Safety: Office Hours lib guide.

Adult Books

     The Deepest Belonging: A Story about Discovering Where God Meets Us Cover Image     Dimming the Day: Evening Meditations for Quiet Wonder     Do Nothing by Celeste Headlee               Reclaiming Rest: The Promise of Sabbath, Solitude, and Stillness in a Restless World     Sabbath in the Suburbs: A Family’s Experiment with Holy Time     The Sacred Pulse: Holy Rhythms for Overwhelmed Souls          Upside Down Living

Children's Books

Let's Do Everything and Nothing     We All Play


Downloads & Practices

Let's Do Everything and Nothing

This activity kit inspired by Let's Do Everything and Nothing inspires kids to think of others—interviewing a family member about their day or coloring a heartfelt sign to give to a friend—and all the joy that love brings to their world.

Blogs, Podcasts, & Articles

DON’T keep the kids so busy

by Lisa Witherspoon, Director of Children’s Ministries, First Presbyterian Church, Greensboro, NC

Less Work, More Living; Yes! Magazine, by Elaine Meyer

Movements such as the four-day workweek, right to disconnect, and fair workweek aim to save our sanity and the planet.

The Case for Slow Work from Yes! Magazine, by Paige Curtis

The right to live, work, and play at our own pace is inalienable and worth protecting at all costs.

Krista Tippett's interview, Finding Ease in Aloneness, with Buddhist Stephen Batchelor, author of The Art of Solitude, is illuminative for us all.

Joseph Yoo of MinistryMatters wonders about Pastor's Office Hours: Time to Cut Back?

restful image

Living Lutheran's Erin Strybis explores The Spiritual Discipline of Rest.

MN Annual Conference UMC's Cindy Gregerson invites us to consider a Sabbath Reset.

Dr. Stephanie Buckhanon Crowder shares Choose Yourself... Sometimes, a treatise on "Covid's coercion to come, sit, and rest awhile".

Rev. Dr. Cameron Trimble makes the point of Sabbath rest succinctly in The Future of Work.

Eileen Campbell Reed Site Icon

Eileen Campbell-Reed interviews J. Dana Trent in Episode 113: Sabbath of her 3MMM podcast.

Doors open at Black Table Arts | Longfellow Nokomis Messenger

Please listen to/watch Renee' Jones-Schneider's Star Tribune article, Black Twin Citians Finding Comfort in Safe Spaces. May every BIPOC soul find a safe space.

In Our Library

A Play-full Life | Slowing Down and Seeking Peace (Hamman)     

Studies - In Our Library

Slow Church     Slow Church Study Guide