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Pastoral Care: Mental Health & Addictions

hotlines, guidelines and crisis intervention contacts; and support for pastoral care for children, tweens, teens, families, differently abled persons, elders and folks with memory concerns; including mindfulness, personal care and volunteer support


For Gen Z, mental health starts at home. 

For parents, that means having the tools to build it. 

Support for young people in their homes is a vital part of their overall wellbeing. And parents and caregivers are a critical part of that equation.

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The State of Gen ZSee also The State of Gen Z: On Demand Presentation, a 75-minute on-demand keynote presentation and discussion guide delivered by Springtide researchers and staff. Watch the trailer here.

This on-demand presentation gives your organization the insights you need, with easy-to-understand data, explained by our team, that will empower you and your colleagues to better accompany young people.

When you purchase The State of Gen Z, you’ll receive 365-day access to:

  • a 75-minute, on-demand keynote presentation delivered by Springtide staff
  • downloadable Discussion Guides to get you and your team into the data so you can prepare to take action

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Addiction Nation: What the Opioid Crisis Reveals about Us  -     By: Timothy McMahan King     All Who Are Weary: Easing the Burden on the Walk with Mental Illness          Blessed Are the Crazy: Breaking the Silence about Mental Illness, Family, and Church     Blessed Union: Breaking the Silence about Mental Illness and Marriage     Dear Anxiety, Let's Break Up: 40 Devotions to Conquer Worry and Fear     Dimming the Day: Evening Meditations for Quiet Wonder     Dutiful Love: Empowering Individuals and Families Affected by Mental Illness     The Embodied Path: Telling the Story of Your Body for Healing and Wholeness  | Broadleaf Books     The Enneagram for Black Liberation: Return to Who You Are Beneath the Armor You Carry     The Essentials of Suicide Prevention     Ethnography as a Pastoral Practice, 2nd ed | An Introduction (Moschella)     Everyday Sabbath     Heart Medicine by Radhule Weininger     Held     Hiding in the Pews: Shining Light on Mental Illness in the Church          I Love Jesus, But I Want to Die by Sarah J. Robinson     It’s Not about the Wine: The Loaded Truth behind Mommy Wine Culture     The Lifesaving Church: Faith Communities and Suicide Prevention     Front Cover     Military Moral Injury and Spiritual Care: A Resource for Religious Leaders and Professional Caregivers     8503026               Not Quite Fine          Peanut Butter and Dragon Wings     Psobriety     Empower teens to take control of their digital life.          Stubborn Grace     The Tending Years     This Day in Recovery     Twelve-Step Unitarian Universalists     Unshakable Kids | Baker Publishing Group          Why Can't I Fix It?     The Wisdom of Your Body     You Don't Owe Anyone: Free Yourself from the Weight of Expectations     Your Brain's Not Broken: Strategies for Navigating Your Emotions and Life  with ADHD - Kindle edition by Rosier, Tamara PhD. Religion & Spirituality  Kindle eBooks @

  Prepare for Mental Health Month - PC(USA) Store's list of Mental Health books for both children and adults - some excellent resources.

Why Can't I Fix It? by Nathan DeteringWhy Can't I Fix It?

The Questions We Ask When We Love Someone with Addiction

by Nathan Detering

Available as audiobook on

Tweens & Teens

Blessed Youth: Breaking the Silence about Mental Health with Children and Teens     Blessed Youth Survival Guide Mental Health & Gen Z: What Educators Need to Know:  9781641211796: Springtide Research Institute: Books     Mind Over Monsters     Help teens make informed decisions with judgment-free information about addictive behaviors. 

Counseling & Intervention Tips & Tools


A Youth Workers Guide to Helping Teens With Anxiety

by Rev. Monica Harbarger, MA, NCC, LPC-S

This free, short guide, designed specifically for youth workers, gives practical tips and practices to help you journey alongside your teens through the difficulties of anxiety. 

CLICK HERE to Read More


Storm and Stress

by Dr. David White, the C. Ellis and Nancy Gribble Nelson Professor of Christian Education, Professor in Methodist Studies at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Austin, TX


9 Uncomfortable Signs You're Healing Emotionally - YouTubeThis 9 Uncomfortable Signs You're Healing Emotionally VIDEO is well done and can be a useful reflection on healing.

10 Tips for Managing Post-Election Anxiety

The first step is simple: Stop scrolling.

By Bethany Teachman

Artist DrawingHow Making Art Helps Improve Mental Health

With depression and anxiety on the rise during the pandemic, more professionals may adopt art therapy as a treatment

Preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)Learn about Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE's) here; find resources for prevention here.

The Curated Life
By Mary Kay DuChene 

"Loneliness is pervasive in the U.S. If you can remember that one fact, then maybe it will be easier to reach out the next time you feel lonely. You’ll not only be helping yourself, you’ll be helping out a friend."

Person counseling a person with their face buried in their hands

The Church and the Response to the Mental Health Crisis featuring Matthew Stanford

The church is the first place most individuals with mental illness seek help, even those with serious mental illness. We speak with Dr. Matthew Stanford about the scope of the mental health crisis and the divine opportunity given to churches to respond in constructive ways.

Young white female looking solemn while looking out a window covered in raindrops, holding a mug

MHTTC New England offers Seasonal Affective Disorder: Responding to the Winter Blues in the Classroom online toolkit for care providers.

Mental Health in BIPOC Communities

The Boris Lawrence Henson FoundationOffering Black communities resources, connections and support needed to help break the silence and stigma around mental health. The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation helps individuals find the pathway to their peace and wellbeing, to choose their Joy Over Everything.

How to Decolonize Mental Health Treatment for BIPOC

Although things are changing within mental health communities, only a few mental health professionals have competent awareness of cultural and racial identity, let alone incorporate this awareness in clinical treatment.

by Gabes Torres


Healing Generational Trauma

by Jasmin Joseph

For Black and Indigenous communities, it takes more than therapy and medicine to tackle mental illness. We need a holistic approach.

...with Children

Prepare for Mental Health Month - PC(USA) Store's list of Mental Health books for both children and adults - some excellent resources.

Finding Calm in Nature: A Guide for Mindful Kids     Looking for Happy     Mama's Days: Andi Diehn, Ángeles Ruiz: 9781478875994: Books          Whatever Comes Tomorrow

DON’T keep the kids so busy

by Lisa Witherspoon, Director of Children’s Ministries, First Presbyterian Church, Greensboro, NC

Butterfly Prayer — The butterfly prayer in Traci Smith's Faithful Families is a simple practice that anchors us to breath, calm, and movement. She recommended it as a practice to teach children for times of stress and anxiety. This old VIDEO features Smith's boys sharing the practice.


Yale Youth Ministry Institute provides an extensive list of resources for teens, parents, and other caring adults, including:


NAMI Minnesota Get InvolvedKids In Crisis: How To Take Action On Youth Mental Health

MARCH 8, 2023

Feb 22, 2023 By Angela Davis and Danelle Cloutier MPR News

How worried are you about the mental health of a young person in your life? Young people were more »

Read More

The Embodied Path Book Launch, Open Book, Minneapolis, December 6 2022 |  AllEvents.inTelling the Story of Your Body for Healing and Wholeness

Our bodies have a story to tell. When we turn toward our bodies with curiosity and reverence, we honor those stories, embrace our inner dignity, and make space for more agency. Sharing our bodies’ stories helps us feel seen so that, little by little, society’s limiting master narratives can shift so that more bodies feel safe and beautiful and have a sense of belonging.

Resources include:

One Mind PsyberGuide | A Mental Health App GuideApps and digital health resources reviewed by experts

Explore Mental Health Resources  /  Find Mental Health Apps 

H.O.P.E. Saves Lives suicide prevention graphic -– H Honor the situation – O Find the opportunity – P Plan the intervention – E Engage the support networkFaith Leaders Are First Responders in Preventing Suicide

Anne Mathews-Younes writes that faith leaders and faith communities are in a unique position to prevent suicide. She shares information about how to recognize the warning signs for suicide, ask the suicide question, and get help for those who are at risk.

Stressed student sits at computer

To Improve Student Mental Health, We Need More Than Crisis Response

By Kevin Singer and Sam Ludlow-Broback  NAMI


...with Tweens & Teens

The Yale Youth Ministry Institute offers a wealth of resources for those feeling stressed, depressed, or anxious. Their “Tending to the Mental Health of Adolescents” curriculum covers mental health issues with resources in scripture, video, discussion outlines, reflection questions, and so much more here.

See also their Pastoral Care & Mental Health and YMI Director Jill Old's message on The Mental Health Conversation… Yes, Again.

For National Alcohol Awareness Month, they have resources for substance abuse, including videos, articles, scripture, and more here.

The Girls Are Not Okay - And evangelical theology bears a significant part of the blame

by Diana Butler Bass

Illustration of teenage using social media on a mobile phoneSocial Media Isn’t the Main Reason Teens Are Depressed

Studies that examine social media impacts in a nuanced fashion have found the large majority of teens benefit.

Politicians and media are in their latest wave of ascribing young people’s mental health problems to anything but their real source: dysfunctional adults.

BY Mike Males in Yes! Magazine

MAR 2, 2023


Gen Z and Mental Health“Gen Z and Mental Health: Insights for Faith Leaders” featuring Josh Packard

How can church leaders better reach Gen Z? In this episode, Josh Packard shares findings from the Springtide Research Institute on what faith leaders need to know about Gen Z’s religious beliefs and mental health.

Watch episode | Read in-depth interview | Listen to episode

Also available on Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Google Podcasts | Spotify

How Parents Can Support Teen Mental Heath

Sad man sits on the big human hand and needs care and support

"Mental health problems in teens can sometimes take unexpected forms. Depression and anxiety can manifest as irritability and noncompliance, which parents may reasonably view as disrespect and laziness. Understanding what is beneath those behaviors is challenging. Teens are quite secretive, so they may not disclose the extent of their struggles."


Parents and caregivers are a critical link in addressing the urgent mental health crisis among teens.


The State of Religion & Young People 2022: Mental Health -- What Faith Leaders Need to KnowRelated Resources


Comparisons: How social media impacts Gen Z mental healthComparisons: How social media impacts Gen Z mental health


  (in Mental Health)

See also:

IllustrationTake Away Their Cellphones

… So we can rewire schools for belonging and achievement

by Doug Lemov in Education Next

Support Networks & Training


Tending to the Mental Health of Adolescents

Tending to the Mental Health of Adolescents

Leading theologians and pastors explore adolescent mental health and the role of youth ministry and the youth minister in supporting...

Mental Health

Cultivating Resilience, Well-Being and Authentic Happiness in Youth

Theologians, psychologists and youth leaders discuss the importance of cultivating resilience in youth.

Finding a Grit Fit

Sabbath Rest

Leading theologians and youth practitioners explore the importance of sabbath-keeping for both youth and youth workers.

Offering Effective Pastoral Care

Offering Effective Pastoral Care

Theologians, philosophers, and pastors examine the importance of pastoral care to youth and their families as part of a robust...

LGBTQ+ Resources

Accompanying LGBTQ+ Youth

Theologians and practitioners discuss the importance of supporting and walking with LGBTQ+ youth.

NAMI State OrganizationNAMI MN provides online tips and tools for supporting folx struggling with mental illness; speakers and trainers to engage your congregation; online counselors; and frequent events to break the stigma and widen the circle of compassion and understanding.

Mental Health ConnectMental Health Connect provides community-based resources, support and education to improve access to mental health services and to connect individuals and families with the services they need.

Preventing Marijuana Use Among Youth

Preventing Marijuana Use Among Youth

The goal of this guide is to review the literature on prevention of marijuana use among youth, distill the research into recommendations for practice, and provide examples of the ways these recommendations can be implemented.

Webinar logo The Center of Addiction & Faith: Weekly Virtual Meetings

  • All Are Welcome Recovery Meeting - Sundays, 7 p.m.
  • Veterans Experience Meeting - Wednesdays, 12:00 p.m.
  • LGBTQ+ All Recovery Meeting - Wednesdays, 5 p.m.
  • All Are Welcome 12-Step Meeting - Wednesdays, 7 p.m.
  • Clergy Only 12-Step Meeting - Thursdays, 12 p.m.

Click here to learn more.

Mindfulness & Emotional Awareness

iBme's website is informative. Retreats and courses may be life-changing. Rural Areas

When Mental Health Crisis Responders Reach Rural Residents

in Yes! Magazine; by Tony Leys & Arielle Zionts

Tweens & Teens - In Our Library