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Reimagining Church: New Generosity

Visioning a future church for the now; creating communities centered on Christ, cosmic good, and conscientious living.


2020s Foresight: Three Vital Practices for Thriving in a Decade of Accelerating Change     Born Again and Again     Church of the Wild: How Nature Invites Us into the Sacred     The Coming Revolution in Church Economics: Why Tithes and Offerings Are No Longer Enough, and What You Can Do about It  -     By: Mark DeYmaz, Harry Li          Do Nothing by Celeste Headlee     Funding Forward: A Pathway to More Sustainable Models for Ministry     Gone for Good Book — Mark Elsdon     Picture of The Innovative Church     Organizing Church: Grassroots Practices for Embodying Change in Your Congregation, Your Community, and Our World     Reawakened     Serving Money, Serving God: Aligning Radical Justice, Christian Practice, and Church Life     Turning Ourselves Inside Out: Thriving Christian Communities     The Unjust Steward     Book - Paperback


The End of Religion     The End of Religion Study Companion     The End of Religion Study Companion     The Storied Church: A Strategy for Congregational Renewal

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Beyond the Offering Plate          Book - Paperback     Free: Spending Your Time and Money on What Matters Most, By Mark Scandrette     Book - Paperback     Book - Paperback     The Generosity Network by Jennifer McCrea, Jeffrey C. Walker and Karl Weber     The Generous Church - eBook [ePub] · Abingdon Press     Book - Paperback     Book - Paperback          Holy Currencies: Six Blessings for Sustainable Missional Ministries     Holy Currency Exchange: 101 Stories, Songs, Actions, and Visions for Missional and Sustainable Ministries          Liberating Hope | Daring to Renew the Mainline Church (Piazza & Trimble)     Amazon - Money Enough: Everyday Practices for Living Faithfully in the  Global Economy: Hicks, Douglas A.: 9780787997755: Books     Book - Paperback     Book - Paperback          Book - Paperback

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Committed to Christ: 40 Devotions for a Generous Life - Crossman, Bob     Committed to Christ: DVD: Six Steps to a Generous Life - Crossman, Bob     Community of Prayer: Stewardship Devotional     Drawing on Holy Currencies: Awesome, Amazing, and Animated Activities for Stewardship     Free: Spending Your Time and Money on What Matters Most, By Mark Scandrette