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Reimagining Church: New Good News

Visioning a future church for the now; creating communities centered on Christ, cosmic good, and conscientious living.

A New Story

The End of Religion     The End of Religion Study Companion     The End of Religion Study Companion

Better: Waking Up to Who We Could Be                    Humankind     In My Grandmother's House: Black Women, Faith, and the Stories We Inherit     Oneing: Order, Disorder, Reorder          Cover for Sacred Earth, Sacred Soul     

                                                                                        Oneing also available in pdf.

Positive Media

The “Heresy Is Good” podcast is about fighting back against the evangelicals’ disinformation and distortion of the gospel. It addresses their hypocrisy and ignorance of Christian history, and examines why people who couldn’t even see through the transparent lies of Donald Trump, culminating in the “Big Lie,” believe that they are somehow the spiritually enlightened ones qualified to interpret Christ for the world.

With rigorous reporting on positive community responses to social problems and insightful commentary to spark constructive discourse, YES! Media inspires people to build a more just, sustainable, and compassionate world.

Blogs, Podcasts & Articles


Not Dead Yet

by Dorothy Butler Bass

[Read this one for a little hope and affirmation!]

Fr. Richard Rohr includes numerous voices in his week-long focus on A New Story: each day (Jan. 10-15) is profound.

Richard Rohr asks leaders to become - or make room for - Becoming Wise Fools.