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Anti-Racism: Tweens & Teens: Anti-Racism & White Supremacy

print, online and video resources for generating dialogues around race and anti-racism, white supremacy culture, identity and intersectionality


Anti-Racism 4REALS: Real Talk with Real Strategies in Real Time for Real Change     Barracoon: Adapted for Young Readers - Hurston, Zora Neale          Caste     Me and White Supremacy Young Reader's Edition               Resistance Stories from Black History                    The Talk     Indigenous America by Liam McDonald     

In Our Library

Arm in Arm with Adolescent Girls  -     By: Emily A. Peck-McClain     How to Be a (Young) Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi and Nic Stone     How to Raise an Antiracist     WORKBOOK FOR HOW TO BE A YOUNG ANTIRACIST (A GUIDE TO IBRAM X KENDI AND NICK STONE'S BOOK ): A 4 Week Super Guide on Overcoming Racism image     The (Young) Antiracist's Workbook by Ibram X. Kendi and Nic Stone

Blogs, Podcasts & Articles

Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month Resources for 2023

By BuildFaith Editors on Apr 19, 2023

To help Christian communities amplify Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander voices in American and church history, Building Faith shares a list of resources, including new and recent books, reading lists, podcasts, documentaries, virtual exhibits, and church resources.

  • Books
    • History and Cultural Criticism Books
    • Histories and Stories in Christianity
    • Reading Lists for All Ages
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In A Time For Reckoning: North American Christianity and Indigenous Cultural GenocideMike Morrell offers a call to awareness, humility, repentance, and action; includes resource lists for reading/study; supporting, enjoying and learning from Indigenous artists; and specific actions for individuals, households, and congregations.


The Gospel for Changemakers by Rev. Tyler Sit

There is no Allyship Airlines for which you can buy a ticket and sit comfy.

Racial Equity as Spiritual Healing

by Naaima Khan; Owner and Principal of Create Good, a consultancy that helps organizations more effectively pursue anti-racism work with a special focus on using keen insights from data and evaluation.

A person at a polling site

Rev. Dr. Michael Piazza cites young writer, Lily Herman's Teen Vogue article, Trump Did Not Lose in a Landslide because the US Is Racist.

Also, find there These 9 Young People Have Some WORDS for President Trump and other great features written by and for young people.

white supremacy culture

by Tema Okun . dRworks .

15 characteristics of white supremacy culture and proposed antidotes: excellent for group study

dRworks is a group of trainers, educators and organizers working to build

strong progressive anti-racist organizations and institutions. dRworks can be reached at

A 30-Day Race Challenge: 30 days toward a deeper understanding of race-relations


Disparity Trap: The Socially Conscious Board Game provides an easy way to have the hard conversations around race & privilege in America and how they impact society in systemically dominant (SD) and systemically non-dominant (SND) ways. The game play is like many of its kind, where your individual goal is to accrue as much wealth as possible. But where it differs is that you can have a team goal as well where you work with  your fellow players to dismantle the Disparity Traps seeking to keep everyone in poverty. Within this game you also step into someone else’s shoes; to experience the disparities within an identity different from your own. Throughout the game, the dice roll correlates your identity in the game to real life statistics.

So like life, the dice are in your hands, but the odds are not.


Embrace Race offers a number of resources:

  • toolkits for study and teaching
  • support for adults caring for children (and others) affected by racialized trauma
  • podcasts and webinars to empower and encourage all ages in meeting white nationalism, white supremacy, and racialized violence

The AntiRacist Table's 30 Day Challenge includes prompts to bring "mindful anti-racist practice into daily life".


Showing Up for Racial Justice - SURJ

Offers online resources, speakers, trainings, and programming.

Expanding the Table for Racial Equity

Two six-video sessions with diverse leaders covering a range of topics. Appropriate for tweens, teens and adults.

Video & Webinars

The Lost Cause

by David Freudberg on April 13, 2023 / Progressive Christianity

Are we still living with the racial divide left over from the Civil War? This provocative audio documentary explores the history of a conflict that nearly tore America apart.

Arnold-Hate-Love.jpgArnold Schwarzenegger reflects on a visit to Auschwitz, urging people to 'do the hard work' and 'conquer their mind', to resist hatred and marginalization of all kinds.

White Fragility and the (Christian) Faith is a conversation with Rev. Dr. John Dorhauer (Gen. Minister and President of the UCC), Tricia Lytle, Cameron Trimble, and Steve Morgan about white fragility and the Christian faith.


What Is Critical Race Theory and What Christians Should Know


  • GCORR REAL TALK video to learn more about Critical Race Theory

  • Critical Race Theory Infographic Series download

  • Christian Voices on Critical Race Theory
  • More Christian Perspectives (additional resources)
  • How White Christians Can Learn from Critical Race Theory

is a response to criticism generated from its predecessor, 

The conversation parents of color have with their children about interactions with police.


CREATING A RACIALIZED GOD featuring JOEL EDWARD GOZA exploring the creation of a White, American, "Winner Jesus", versus the real Jesus who appears to be the God on the "losing" side of history. Come and see.

How to deconstruct racism, one headline at a time: Baratunde Thurston: super good talk on racism, includes "interactive" activity accessible to tweens through adults; uses humor yet remains poignant.

A 5-session, 8-film video series, with author Joel Edward Goza, based on his recent book Americas' Unholy Ghosts: The Racist Roots of our Faith an Politics, which examines the DNA of the ideologies that shape America and often justify racist ideas and racial inequalities.

Join Rev. Rene August and The Work of the People community as we journey and discuss films on race, power, and justice in the Creating Bigger Stores series.
Join the conversation at your convenience as Danielle Fanfair "cultivates" discussion which is open to all current TWOTP subscribers.

Additional Resource Lists

New York Public Library has a regularly updated Schomburg's Black Liberation List for Young Readers: explore essential titles selected by the Schomburg Center as it marks 95 years of collecting and preserving Black history, arts, and culture. Available on SimplyE and from the Schomburg Shop.

The MN Annual Conference UMC's Rev. Dana Neuhauser offers this list of Books That Can Build Empathy for BIPOC Communities.


What Is Critical Race Theory and What Christians Should Know


  • GCORR REAL TALK video to learn more about Critical Race Theory

  • Critical Race Theory Infographic Series download

  • Christian Voices on Critical Race Theory
  • More Christian Perspectives (additional resources)
  • How White Christians Can Learn from Critical Race Theory
 compiled this amazing list of video resources, starting with their work with William Barber: