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Courageous Spaces: Congregations that Listen, Lament & Repair: Curricula & Training

Intergenerational, church-wide resources to inspire listening to one another's stories, lamenting injustices, and graciously moving into greater trust and a deeper sense of belonging in God's Beloved Community.

Discussion Prompts

Full Curriculum

Braver Angels logoFed up with today's politics? 
Let's do something about it.

Braver Angels is leading the nation’s largest cross-partisan, volunteer-led movement to bridge the partisan divide. Through community gatherings, real debates, and grassroots leaders working together, we’re creating hope — and showing Americans a braver way.

Join the Movement creates Lenten journey for courageous conversations -  United Church of ChristCOURAGEOUS CONVERSATIONS: A LENTEN ANTIRACISM JOURNEY




This Lent, partner with Join the Movement toward Racial Justice and commit to engaging in courageous conversations with yourself, with a few dear ones, or with your community.  On each of the 40 days of Lent, we will offer a conversation/journaling prompt to help you explore more fully your connection to racial justice and practices of antiracism, along with a breath prayer and scripture reading. You can also access these prompts on InstagramFacebookTwitter.  Join the conversation.  Join the movement!

Download the Courageous Conversations Faith Formation Group Discussion Guide here.

Download the full season of Prompts and Prayers here.

Includes resources for Holy Week and Easter.

From Minneapolis to Palestine: UCC’s Lent 2024 resources focus on liberation, saying no and flexibility




This Lent, the UCC’s Join the Movement toward Racial Justice is offering a daily practice calendar and weekly book study guide.

Each of these opportunities responds to how the Lenten season begins amid the violence and death of war in Israel and Palestine, with the theme “From Minneapolis to Palestine: Nourishing the Rising Up Journey.” They incorporate Curtiss DeYoung’s book The Risk of Being Woke, which is rooted in the activism that emerged following George Floyd’s murder.

Homepage - The Better Arguments ProjectThe Better Arguments Project is a national civic initiative created to help bridge divides – not by papering over those divides but by helping people have better arguments.

Better Arguments Project offers: