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Courageous Spaces: Congregations that Listen, Lament & Repair: Books & Reading

Intergenerational, church-wide resources to inspire listening to one another's stories, lamenting injustices, and graciously moving into greater trust and a deeper sense of belonging in God's Beloved Community.


The Amen Effect by Sharon Brous          Cover Image     How Not to Be Afraid: Seven Ways to Live When Everything Seems Terrifying     Life After Doom          Seventh Story Cover.jpg

Tweens & Teens

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For Adults:

The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why It Matters: Parker, Priya:  9781594634925: Books     Becoming Rooted: One Hundred Days of Reconnecting with Sacred Earth                    Our Hidden Conversations | Book by Michele Norris | Official Publisher Page  | Simon & Schuster          Staying Awake: The Gospel for Changemakers

For Children:

Cory and the Seventh Story by Brian D. Mclaren, Gareth Higgins     The Invisible Boy by Trudy Ludwig     

Blogs & Newsletters

IMG_3081.jpgI work with dying Trump supporters. It's...confusing

by Scott Janssen

Saturday, April 06, 2024

Holly Berkley Fletcher writes a Substack called, A Zebra without Stripes. Her theme for 2024 is 'belonging', for which she has launched The Belonging Project, in which she will, 'talk to some people who really know how to foster it and others who are struggling to find it; read books; try out new things, and ask lots of questions.'

A New StoryA NEW STORYA Hopeful Story

Human beings fall easily into despair, and from the very beginning we invented stories that enabled us to place our lives in a larger setting, that revealed an underlying pattern, and gave us a sense that . . . life had meaning and value. . . . [Story] is not about opting out of this world, but about enabling us to live more intensely within it. —Karen Armstrong, A Short History of Myth



A photo shows people around a campfire under a dark night sky.

Week Five: The Seven Stories: Part One: Stories Matter & The Stories That Don’t Work

Two weeks of CAC's Daily Meditations are inspired by The Seventh Story, a children's book written by Brian McLaren and Gareth Higgins, which offers a vision of love, reconciliation, and hope. In Stories Matter, Father Richard Rohr describes how stories provide purpose; The Stories That Don't Work is a summative excerpt from McLaren's and Higgins' book.

Elder Power

These first-time activists show that the front line isn’t just for the young.

CHRIS WINTERS - Yes! Magazine, 11.30.23