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Courageous Spaces: Congregations that Listen, Lament & Repair: Action & Engagement

Intergenerational, church-wide resources to inspire listening to one another's stories, lamenting injustices, and graciously moving into greater trust and a deeper sense of belonging in God's Beloved Community.


UCC author, Rev. Michael Mulberry, offers this free Lenten resource based on Katherine Hayhoe's, Saving Us: A Climate Scientist's Case for Hope and Healing in a Divided World. The resource kit includes a Day of Action Working Kit; a Baptism liturgy; Creation Communion liturgy; and an Ash Wednesday to Earth Day sourcebook, including additional liturgical elements, music suggestions, contemplative practices, and coloring pages.

Our Hidden Conversations | Book by Michele Norris | Official Publisher Page  | Simon & SchusterInvite all generations of readers/writers to share their own six-word story. Choose any topic - start with less challenging or controversial and work into more complex topics. Write together or over time at home. Share stories in small groups so all are heard and accepted. Share stories in larger groups - including and especially worship - to add gravitas, center and amplify marginalized voices, and glimpse the diversity of perspective. All stories should be credited to their author - anonymity induces shaming. This is a celebration of diversity of opinion and allows for deeper knowing of neighbors.

Read the book together. A children's book alternative is forthcoming.

Watch the HBO Max Presentation, Atlas of the Heart: a five-part series which features a dynamic mix of storytelling, film and TV references, guest researcher appearances, and informative role-plays, exploring 30 of the 87 emotions and experiences covered in the book.

Explore the 'actionable framework for meaningful connection' within the film series.

Elder Power

These first-time activists show that the front line isn’t just for the young.

CHRIS WINTERS - Yes! Magazine, 11.30.23

Engage / Organizations

Starts With UsStarts With Us is a growing movement equipping Americans to overcome toxic polarization and extremist thinking to solve our toughest problems. They do this by illuminating the causes and effects of toxic polarization, demonstrating the power of citizens working together across lines of difference, and activating Americans from all walks of life with the skills to become more effective problem solvers.

Their website includes:

  • a blog (The Feed)
  • tools for taking action - including Tools & Programs & Polarization Detox
  • Citizen Solutions: a pilot program introducing 'a process that reveals what’s possible when we prioritize problem solving over partisanship and solutions over stalemates'.

Consider this great opportunity from the Minnesota Council of Churches

Minnesota Council of ChurchesAre you ready to warm hearts in your area? Invite MCC to hold a Respectful Conversation in your community. Topics can include the election, schools and families, guns in Minnesota, race relations or relevant flashpoints. Because of a national research partnership, if you can schedule a Respectful Conversation between now and August then MCC will defray a significant portion of the costs.

Braver Angels logoFed up with today's politics? 
Let's do something about it.

Braver Angels is leading the nation’s largest cross-partisan, volunteer-led movement to bridge the partisan divide. Through community gatherings, real debates, and grassroots leaders working together, we’re creating hope — and showing Americans a braver way.

Calls to Action


April 03, 24

Donald Trump's Political Idolatry: Just Say No

Are we all at the base of Mount Sinai now?

Butler Bass shouts a clear call to action: end apathy and complicity by actively engaging in dialogue, awareness-building, truth-seeking and truth-speaking.

IMG_3081.jpgI work with dying Trump supporters. It's...confusing

by Scott Janssen

Saturday, April 06, 2024

A North Carolina hospice social worker encourages intentionally making 'contact' with people who hold different political and policy perspectives.