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Congregational Life: Volunteers, Teams, Leaders & Outreach: Volunteers & Teams

tools for empowering leadership, developing joyful, informed volunteers and supporting effective teams which strengthen outreach and hospitality


Welcome to The Ministry Lab's curated list of resources to help congregational leaders empower effective teams and joyful volunteers. Here you'll find:

  • Books & Downloadable Resources - to empower volunteers
  • Blogs, Podcasts & Articles - to spark interest and inspire engagement
  • Webinars & Videos - to develop recruitment skills
  • Other Tips & Ideas - from a variety of sources

If you don't find a resource to fit your need, don't hesitate to consult with The Ministry Lab's director, Emily Meyer, who is happy to assist you.

Webinars & Videos

Beyond: The Art & Soul of Re-Creation

A 4-month congregational discernment program

CrossForm equips congregations, pastors and congregational leaders to embrace transformation for 21st century ministry focusing on: strengthening core, building flexibility, and deepening impactFor further information, contact LeaderWise.

Books & Downloadable Resources


  • video
  • discussion guide for small groups
  • adaptable to at-home service inspiration

offers affordable online courses for:

  • Adult Formation
  • Sacramental Preparation
  • Build Effective Leaders


Increasing Active Engagement Video Tool Kit Increasing Active Engagement Video Tool Kit from Lewis Center for Church Leadership

Through engaging videos, presentations, and supplemental materials, Increasing Active Engagement explores best practices for getting and keeping people involved and engaged.


Blogs, Podcasts & Articles

See Joe Davis' invitation to Deepen Humility and Compassion with the IDI; develop institutional intercultural awareness and competence; and/or join Round 2 of Davis' and Dave Scherer's Next Faithful Move.