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Discover how water weaves us together. Learn about YOUR watershed. Embrace the call to care for God's good creation. Engage with Indigenous neighbors already working as Water Protectors.


Welcome to the WaterThreads Toolkit.

Here you'll find resources for all generations.

  • Multi-generational reading/watching lists include guiding discussion questions
  • Intergenerational Water Curricula connect local watersheds to Biblical narratives
  • Develop awareness and empathy amongst all ages through contemplative practices and worship
  • Engage the whole congregation in the on-going work of Indigenous Water Protectors
  • Support local and regional Indigenous-owned/run organizations and businesses


Here is a video overview of our WaterThreads Toolkit and some ideas on how to use it.

Thanks to the Leadership Center for Social Justice for providing space and opportunity for this introductory workshop - and recording it, in case it can assist others.

Welcome to WaterThreads!


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