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Congregational Life: Vision, Mission, Identity, Dying: Multi-Cultural/Multi-Racial

tools for listening to God, generating new vision, developing a mission and empowering communal embrace of congregational identity

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Cultural Intelligence: Improving Your CQ to Engage Our Multicultural World  -     By: David A. Livermore     Ethnic Blends by Mark DeYmaz audiobook     Picture of The Pentecost Paradigm     The Post-Black and Post-White Church: Becoming the Beloved Community in a Multi-Ethnic World     9780687650699: The Power of Stories: A Guide for Leading Multi-Racial and Multi-Cultural Congregations     re:MIX: Transitioning Your Church to Living Color   -     By: Bob Whitesel, Mark DeYmaz     RED, BROWN, YELLOW, BLACK, WHITE -- WHO'S MORE PRECIOUS IN GOD'S SIGHT?