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Thanksgiving: Worship

Ideas, resources and conversation starters for creative approaches to Thanksgiving celebrations that are safe, healthy and fun!

Liturgical Elements

Find numerous prayer and worship elements inclusive of Indigenous voices and stories and including a full liturgy and sermon, in our WaterThreads Toolkit.

Thoughts of a Christian Educator: Rows of Sharon provides a list of Ideas & Resources for Lament and Thanksgiving.

Acorns and Archangels     Acorns and Archangels     The Granaries of Heaven - download     A Harvest blessing - download     In the Beginning - download

Joy Harjo

Joy Harjo's beautiful poem, Remember, would be a fitting liturgical element.

MN Conference UCC Staff created this online Service of Thanksgiving.


Hymns by Carolyn Winfrey Gillette in book form or online. Featuring contemporary lyrics set to traditional hymns, they are truly intergenerational. Hymns include: laments for pandemic grief, quarantine, natural disasters, and racial tension, calls for justice and immigration reform, and Fall Ministry Celebrations including every Sunday (based on the RCL) and Election Day.

In Our Library

     First Nations Version