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Spencer Library Home: COVID - 19 Information

Homepage for the Spencer Library

COVID-19 and the Spencer Library (updated 8/7/2020)


A note from Tim (the "new" library director) ~

As we continue to navigate the challenges of responding to COVID-19 and be socially responsible the library will be following these guidelines and policies:

  • The due dates for all items currently checked out has been extended to December 18th (last day of the Fall Term). If you would like to return books there is a book drop bucket at the north doors of the seminary.
  • The physical collection of the library (books, journals and archive) will not be accessible to students, staff and faculty without first receiving permission from me to access these materials.  This is because these materials are not easily cleaned and so time limits and contact tracing must be done on a case-by-case basis.
  • Those needing physical items from the library (especially print books) should contact me - there will be a pickup location for requested books just outside the north doors of the seminary.  Distance students and students with limited transportation options due to the pandemic should contact me to discuss the best way to get books.
  • Since many academic libraries around the country are not allowing visitors to use their collections, distance students are encouraged to contact me with book requests.  
  • Please note that generally speaking InterLibrary Loan requests will be limited to journal articles.  Case-by-case exceptions will be made for books, but please be prepared to not be able to get them as many libraries are not lending physical items.  
  • There are many online resources that have been made available because of the pandemic - so please ask for help in finding these!  

Ultimately the best procedure is to be in early and frequent contact with the library director when working on research projects.  Together we can figure out ways to solve your research needs!  The best way to reach me is at: