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Spencer Library Home: Distance Students

Homepage for the Spencer Library

Welcome Distance Students!

We get it, you're not HERE, you're THERE, which means you can't just stop by the library when the mood strikes you.  Being a distance student presents its own unique challenges; rest assured, we will do all we can to help you find -- and access -- the resources you need while you are a student at UNITED.

Online Databases

There are a number of online databases and indexes available to you while you are a student at United; many of the articles indexed indexed are available online and full-text. Explore the A-Z Database list using the link below or the DATABASES tab at the top of this page.

Your login credentials are your United Seminary email name / password.

Books and Other Items

Yeah, this one is a little trickier but we've got a couple answers that seem to work well for most distance students.

OPTION ONE: The ATLA Reciprocal Borrowing Program

OPTION TWO: Your Local Libraries

  • Go to a local public or academic library in your area and see if you can't work out a relationship with them that allows you to use their library and particularly their inter-library loan department if there are materials you need that are unavailable near you.  Most libraries are willing to work with students.  

OPTION THREE:  When All Else Fails

  • If there is absolutely no way for you to lay hands on something you need that only we have in the Spencer Library, we'll be more than happy to send it along to you.  The reason we are the absolute last choice is that if you can work with a more local library you will save all the added time it takes for us to mail things back and forth; that time will significantly cut down on your use of the materials.  

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