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Worship: Covid Considerations

resources from judicatories, including re-opening guidelines and online worship videos; online hospitality & participation; engaging children, youth, and intergenerational; lectionary & preaching; liturgy, music & liturgical arts; tech & copyright helps;

Covid-19 Christmas Celebration Guidelines

On November 10, Governor Walz detailed new restrictions to slow communal spread of Covid-19. Executive Order 20-96 states that as of Nov. 24, attendance at "receptions" must not exceed 50 attendees; as of December 8, attendance must not exceed 25 attendees. This applies to anything you host at the church or in another venue that is not worship itself.

CDC considerations for fall and winter holiday celebrations.

Resuming Care-filled Worship and Sacramental Life: The Ecumenical Consultation on Protocols for Worship, Fellowship, and Sacraments

Bishop Ough of the MN Annual Conference UMC wrote Conference Regathering Plans Move to Orange to aid leaders in deterring best practices, especially looking ahead to Advent and Christmas.